Perfect Girls Have Insecurities, Too

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The girls who seem perfect, who seem like they have it all together, are dealing with their own secret insecurities. 

Just because she steps out of the house looking beautiful each day does not mean that she likes what she sees when she glances in the mirror. 

Just because she has a boyfriend who spreads pictures of her across social media does not mean she is immune to loneliness. 

Just because she has a career in her desired field does not mean she considers herself successful.

Sophia Sinclair

Just because she has a tight group of friends does not mean she never has moments where she suffers from social anxiety. 

Just because you consider her perfect does not mean she views herself the same way.

The truth is, she has insecurities, just like everybody else.

She has spent money she should have been saving on makeup and clothes to make her feel better about herself.

She has been tempted to cancel plans with her friends or call in sick from work because she was feeling off.

Elena Montemurro

She has asked her friends to take down photographs from social media because she hated the way she looked in them.

She has experienced heartache and loss and grief when someone she loved left her to rot. 

She has had moments where she wondered whether she was going to spend the rest of her life alone because it seemed like nobody really understood her.

When you see her in public, she might look like she knows what she is doing, but inside she is struggling. She has doubts about whether she is walking down the right path or has fallen off track. She has questions ping-ponging through her mind all day long.

Sophia Sinclair

Perfect girls are playing a part. They are smiling when people expect them to smile. They are laughing on cue. They are acting as if they are completely happy with their world, but when they get home and climb into bed, they have fears just like the rest of us.

Before sleep, they replay embarrassing moments in their head. They worry about what is coming tomorrow. They run through the worst case scenarios. The let their insecurities eat them alive. 

Even though strangers might scroll through their social media and assume they are living their dream life, they are far from it. They aren’t where they want to be yet. They have goals they are still trying to reach. They have dreams they aren’t even close to accomplishing.

A strong girl
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They struggle with self-love, just like everybody else does. They don’t realize how valuable they are, even if they are reminded of their worth every single day. They don’t see the beauty in themselves that everyone else sees.

The reality is, perfect girls have insecurities, too. They just hide them better than most people.

Brandon Woelfel

She just wishes others would realize that her ‘perfect life’ did not come naturally to her. She worked her ass off to reach the place where she is standing today. She did not get her success handed to her. She had to fight for everything she has, no exceptions.

By Holly Riordan for ThoughtCatalog

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