12 Reasons Why Women Who Wear All Black Are Unapologetically Sassy

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Wearing all black is more than just a style choice. There’s a very particular type of woman to whom an entirely black on black wardrobe appeals. Even studies show that there is a subconscious process going into our decision to choose a color.

For the girl who wears all black, the sentiment by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, “Well-behaved women seldom make history” is more than encouragement to go on a girls trip and go wild; it is a mentality to be defined by her courage and decisions to go after the life she wants to live, saying “fuck off” when society tries to appropriate her.

She couldn’t care less about fitting in, and she’ll never apologize for being who she is. There’s definitely a reason why she chose to be in all black errthang:

1. She’ll never put herself down. There’s never going to be a “do I look fat in this?” First of all, black is super slimming. But besides for that, her confidence goes much deeper than her looks – she defines beauty by intelligence and kindness, but not Miss America kindness – but the kind of genuine kindness that goes unseen.

2. She has nothing to prove. You’re never going to see her being the loudest in the room just to be heard and appear more confident – she sees through that bullshit real quick even if she doesn’t call you out on it.

3. She looks as badass as she feels. According to a study, women who wear all black are perceived as more attractive, successful and confident.

4. Besides being a little bit badass, she’s usually just as sophisticated and intense as her choice of attire is. There’s nothing more terrifying than a woman who can intimidate you and charm you at the same time.

5. She doesn’t do small talk. Fuck that. The opposite of a basic girl, you’ll never be unfulfilled or uninspired with a girl who wears all black. She’d rather speak the truth than make new friends.

6. She’s an over-thinker, which is why she prefers simplicity in other areas in her life. What’s more simple than wearing all black errthang? She’ll always be prepared for any social situation at any given time, because the transition from day to night is as simple as throwing on some lipstick.

7. She doesn’t care about being right, but about making a difference. She might come off strong, but what you’re hearing in her voice is passion, she genuinely cares about people, without feeling the need to outwardly show this, so she’s often misunderstood as bitchy.

8. She’s not a ‘Netlfix and Chill’ kind of girl. Not all the time. She’s going to expect you to put actual effort into the relationship.

9. She’s actually a genius – looking like she spent hours to get ready cause she always looks sleek and put-together, when in reality she’s pretty low-maintenance.

10. She’s low-maintenance but has high standards. She cares about what matters and knows how to get over what doesn’t.

11. She doesn’t pretend she’s on an episode of “The Bachelor.” Compete for a man’s attention and affections? Haha. Unlike the boozy basic girl, she’s never going to be attracted to a man who makes her compete for him.

12. She’s never going to apologize for being fierce. She’s unwilling to compromise the time she spends with friends, on her career, or enjoying hobbies just to make a guy happy. But think about how many relationships end because one person gives up their whole life for another and subsequently has nothing left to give. This girl will also inspire you to be the brightest, biggest, boldest version of yourself, too.

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