13 Times Humans Respected Mother Nature

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As humans ‘progress’ and spread in our earthly quest of constructing roads, buildings and new technology, nature and the wilds are often treated as second rate. Trees, forests, and natural landscape is often carelessly torn up or removed to make way for new businesses, homes, factories, and transportation.

Even near where I live archers of land is clear-cut in order to make way for construction projects that sometimes are delayed or even canceled all together making the destruction pointless.

When we do need to construct something perhaps we can learn from these designers who found a way to respect nature while still accomplishing their goals. It may take a little extra work but future generations will thank us for preserving the world they live on.

Just remember that the earth is not given to you by your parents, it is loaned to you by your children.

Preserving the earth and respecting nature is growing in popularity and believe it or not, we are starting to make a difference. Here are 12 times that humans got things right. We respected our mother and preserved nature for the future.


1. Ring Around A Tree, Tokyo, Japan


2. The Tea House, Shanghai, China

3. Tree In The House, Almaty, Kazakhstan
4. The Tree and the Fence
This one may seem simple but when this person decided to build a fence they decided that the tree was important enough to compensate for. I bet it took extra work and planning but the tree didn’t need to be cut down.
5. This villa in Izmir, Turkey
6. Private residence, West Virginia
Just because you want to live near nature doesn’t mean you need to cut it down. Here is a great example how even smaller trees were honored in the construction of a private residence.
7. Apartments in Poland that incorporate the surrounding forest into their design.
8. Casa Vogue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This is just beautiful.
9. Private residence, Austin, Texas
10. 25 Green, Turin, Italy
11. Private residence, Los Angeles, California
12. Casa Corallo, Guatemala

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