Loving A Person Who Overthinks

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Loving a person who overthinks is hard because you are loving someone who’s mind is constantly full of tricks. You love a person who can’t change the way they think and how much they think.

A person who overthinks is going to have a thousand questions. They are processing a million things at a time and they are overwhelmed with what if’s.

You have to be confident in your relationship.

You can’t ever let their head start to spin with self-doubt.

You can’t just tell them that you are there for them. You have to do it.

You can’t just put words into their head. You need to take an action.

You have to listen carefully. To their past or about their last night.

They become fearless out of nowhere. You have to understand and give them protection.

When they think everything is terrible, you have to think everything is great.

Show them empathy. Show them that you won’t judge them. Show them you are not going anywhere when they tell you their biggest fear or what are they worried about.

Show them that you are going to love them, despite how they over think and over worry.

You have to tell them how you feel. You should never hide anything. Someone who overthinks will try to find meaning in everything you say and do. Always tell the truth.

You should be able to calm them. You should promise that you are going to be there, no matter what.

Be prepared to have a hard conversation. To answer a thousand questions.

Loving an over-thinker is a challenge, but every relationship is challenging, right?

Over-thinkers can drive you crazy sometimes, but they will love you and they will stay loyal to you for eternity.

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