Men Reveal 8 Signs That Show They Are in Love

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Beginning a new relationship or finding someone who you feel a connection with is always exciting. If you’ve felt that way before, you know the drill: butterflies when you see them, and every text or call from them is a thrill.

We all express love in different ways, so it’s only natural to feel unsure whether the person you are falling for is also falling for you. That part can be quite stressful. It’s tough to be vulnerable, and no one wants to feel that pang of disappointment or rejection.

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, but if you’re unsure whether your guy has taken the plunge, we’ve gathered a collection of signs that indicate he’s head over heels!

1) He actively listens to you and hears what you’re saying: We all share uninteresting stories and details about our day sometimes. If you’re talking to someone polite, they will at least nod and listen. If you tell your guy one of these stories, and he brings up a detail about it later it means he was really listening. He wishes to be closer to you and so he will remember as much information about you as you give him.

2) He is ready to fix whatever you need or call a professional: If you have something broken and mention it to him, he’ll do whatever he can to help. Sometimes that’s how men express love.

3) He wants to get to know your family: Most people are scared of meeting their S/O’s family for the first time. So if he shows that he’s ready for it, it usually means he’s ready to take your relationship to the next level.

4) He values your opinion of his clothes: This may sound trivial, but if a guy is beginning to fall in love with you, he will want to dress in a way that will attract you the most. If he starts to ask for your opinion of his clothes, he cares about your fashion sense.

5) He wants to do everyday things with you: Believe it or not, it’s not always the fancy dates that a guy will take you on that shows how much he’s into you. Sometimes it’s the fact that he wants to spend time with you, no matter what you two are doing together. That’s a true sign of love.

6) He cooks for you: He can very well like cooking, but cooking for someone is an intimate act. If he doesn’t usually cook, well then he’s doing it just for you and that says a lot about how he feels for you.

7) He takes initiative to plan trips and doesn’t forget the dates: When you’re excited about an upcoming event you count down the date until it’s here. If he’s putting in this effort, it means he’s excited about spending time with you.

8) He worries about you and isn’t afraid of getting emotional: Not to get confused with being controlling/jealous/overprotective because all of those things are warning signs. If he’s falling in love, he wants you to know that he’ll be right beside you and be supporting you in all your endeavors, every step of the way. He also isn’t worried about expressing his emotions and being vulnerable with you.

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