5 Tips Guaranteed To Make You The Blow Job QUEEN

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Become a blow job queen.

Learning how to give a blowjob isn’t easy. There’s technique to consider, personal preferences, and so many variables — from the man’s body type to what you had for dinner that night.

Fellatio is equal parts art and skill. Half the work is setting the mood and the rest just comes down to muscle memory and mechanics. You can teach yourself how to perform great oral sex, if you’re paying attention to what’s working and what isn’t.

But, if you’re looking to do a little extra blowjob research before your next romantic rendezvous, we can help.

These five tips on how to give a good blowjob will show you exactly what you need to do if you want to give your man incredible and memorable oral sex. In fact if you do it right, then you can sure that he will happily return the favor (if he’s a man worth keeping).

1. Build up to the BJ.

Often you may find yourself making your way straight to your man’s crotch from simply kissing him. This is all fine and good. But men actually enjoy foreplay too! This is an blow job tip that many don’t realize. While men love quickies, foreplay makes their orgasms feel a lot stronger and more enjoyable than just 30 seconds in your mouth.


So instead of just ripping his pants off and taking him straight into your mouth, start off slower. Try lowering your hand to his crotch, outside of his trousers and gently massage him through his trousers. When you get his trousers off, stimulate around his legs and groin area before you finally take him into your mouth. This BJ tip where you build up to oral sex will literally have him begging you to speed up … perfect for building anticipation!

2. Don’t forget about your hands.

Just because you are using your mouth to give your man a BJ, it doesn’t mean that you should leave your hands idle and doing nothing.

Instead, you should be using them to massage, rub, stimulate and caress around his member. So do pay some attention to his testicles. When you are grabbing and rubbing them, just make sure to be very careful though. Many who first hear about this blow job tip get a little excited and accidentally squeeze too hard and just end up hurting their man.

So remember to be soft and gentle!

3. Make it wet.

Of all five blow job tips in this article, making your BJ wet is the easiest but possibly the most important. Making it wet for him means that it’s going to feel a lot more luscious and sensual which means that his orgasm will feel a lot stronger and more enjoyable when he does reach orgasm.

If you naturally produce a lot of saliva, then you are off to a great start at making your oral sex a wetter experience. But if you don’t (or if you want to make it even wetter) then you should consider using flavored lube on him. Alternatively, if you want it to taste even better, then try whipped cream or even some syrup.

4. No teeth!

Many women want to learn oral sex tips on how to make their BJs better for their man. But very few look for the things they should avoid doing during it. This is critical if you want your man to have a good time.

The number one thing that you should avoid when giving your man head is … using your teeth.

His penis is obviously very sensitive, so even accidentally grazing it with your teeth can be incredibly painful for him. And for most men, pain is a turn off. If you find that it’s difficult to avoid accidentally grazing his penis with your teeth, then a great technique is to wrap your lips back around your teeth so that they have no chance of coming into contact with his sensitive bits.

5. Switch it up. 

You can know all the techniques in the world, but if you don’t vary them and actually try new blow job tips, then your man is going to get bored. And we all know that boredom is a massive relationship killer.

You need to be constantly trying new things with your man in the bedroom if you want to keep him satisfied. Keep what works and forget about what doesn’t.

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