How to make love to a man so he’ll never forget you

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There’s a difference between making love and having sex.

You may be nervous at the thought of learning how to have amazing, passionate sex with a man, but you shouldn’t be.

In this guide, I’m going to show you exactly how to make love to a man in a way that is super easy and takes all the pressure off you. More importantly, you will learn how to truly enjoy this mind-blowing, emotional sex, too.

Of course, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between “making love” and “having sex.” IS there actually a difference. This hilarious video by YouTuber Arielle Scarcella does a pretty good job explaining:

OK, moving on to our how-to guide. Let’s start from the very beginning …


1. You need to feel comfortable first.

If you’ve never had sex before, then you will understandably be nervous and hopefully a little excited. Trust me, feeling comfortable with him is the only way you’ll feel safe enough to let go.

However, if you aren’t excited about making love or if you even have the smallest, niggling doubt, then hold off on sex with your man completely. You should never, ever feel pressured into getting intimate.
While you may hope that he can just “read the signs” you need to also verbally express how you feel.

So before you attempt to make love to a man, make sure that you’ve found one that actually cares about you and respects you. I know this part is not exactly the most exciting, but the other important aspect of being comfortable is being safe.

Whatever you do, don’t take any risks whatsoever. So for most people, this also means making sure that your man wears a condom.

2. Understand that it’s not just sex — it’s a connection on a deeper level.

There is an absolutely massive difference between learning how to make love to a man and just “knockin’ boots”.

Making love is about getting closer to your man and connecting with him, both physically and mentally. But just hooking up with a guy for the sake of it is completely different. Hooking up is more about lust and just getting off.

When you are making love with someone, you can go fast or slow, but you will always be paying attention to them. In many ways making love to a guy is a way to show him just how much you care about him. While it’s obviously a bonus if you orgasm, you are going to be just as focused with making sure that he gets off too.

So if you really want to learn how to make love to a guy and connect with him, don’t think so much about climaxing as quickly as possible. Think more along the lines of slow, passionate grinding, caressing and embracing.

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