To The Girl Patiently Waiting With An Impatient Heart

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Don’t settle.

It seems that with anything in life there comes a period of waiting, of having to be patient. You wait to get that big test grade back, you wait to hear back from that job interview, you wait to see which grad school you get accepted into, and you wait for that perfect guy- the one you’ve dreamed about since you were little, the one who proves every other heartbreak along the way was worth it. Maybe that ‘one’ is the guy you pass on the way to class every day.

Or maybe he’s the guy that bagged your groceries at the store last week. Or maybe he’s not. Maybe you haven’t even met him yet. This world is a big place- huge actually. And if you think about how many people there actually are on this planet (7.13 billion if you’re a numbers person) it will remind you just how many people in this world you haven’t met. Or in your country, state, county… all the way down to your school. Do you actually know everyone at your school; have you met them all? It’s easy to forget how small you really are in the big picture when you look at it from a scientific/mathematics point of view. But God doesn’t see you like that. He sees each and every person as significant, no matter how big this world is.

He placed you ever so perfectly where you are right now so that you can cross paths with someone that was carefully chosen to ever so perfectly cross paths with you.

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of it. We see an attractive guy (that we probably don’t even know) and immediately picture ourselves being together. Riding down the road in his truck singing along to our favorite songs, eating take-out, going to the movies. Fast forward a little bit and you might even see yourself getting married and raising a family together. He’s attractive, so wouldn’t we take cute pictures? Wouldn’t we get a lot of likes on Instagram?

You see, there’s a bigger picture here- we’re forcing it. We’re forcing the image that society has ingrained in our heads of what you have to look like to be “happy.” But anything we have to force isn’t actually there. It’s all in our heads, our imagination. So for all the girls out there who are tired of waiting for that one guy  keep waiting. Don’t settle.

Wait for the guy who would move mountains for you if he had too, because that’s what you deserve. Wait for the guy who makes you smile when the camera isn’t on the two of you. Wait for the guy who is every bit of what you’ve grown up imagining your Prince Charming to look like. But most importantly, wait for the guy who is going to value his relationship with Christ even more than a relationship with you and radiates with His love.

Waiting for this guy to come along is a frustrating thing, I know because I too am waiting. Society says that it’s more fun if you have a boy to ice-skate and fall down with, to bake cookies and make messes with, and to watch movies and cuddle up with. This makes it so easy to give in to the first guy that shows you any attention.

But settling is exactly what Satan wants you to do; he wants you to give in to your desires now instead of waiting for what God has planned. Because you see if you settle for less than you want, less than you deserve, are you ever going to be truly happy? The answer is no; you won’t be happy. Maybe you will be temporarily, but not in the long run.

Only Christ can fulfill that happiness that we, as human beings, yearn for. So stop forcing it, and keep waiting. It has already been planned out for you, every little detail down to what color your nails are going to be painted when you do meet him. Wait for everything to fall together and take comfort in the fact that you’re going to meet your ‘one’- you need only wait.

We may have impatient hearts, but we know what we deserve. So until then, we’ll continue to patiently wait for that ever so perfect plan of God’s to fall together.

By Kalin Oglesby for TheOdyssey

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