10 Signs That A Man Is Sure That You’re The One For Him

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It’s common knowledge at this point that men aren’t necessarily going to be as open and as honest about their feelings as women are. And because of that, it can often be very challenging to find out just where a man stands in his relationship with you.

You can’t tell if he’s just happy to have you around or if he sees that there’s some serious potential for the both of you. And you need that security before you can allow yourself to dive deeper into the relationship. You don’t want to be investing too much of yourself into something that isn’t real after all. You don’t want to get all hyped up about a relationship that is going to turn out one-sided.

And so you start to grow desperate because you really want to know how he feels about you before you go on in the relationship. But that’s just the problem; he’s not saying anything to give you any hints about how he feels.

But you’re approaching things all wrong. Men aren’t very vocal about how they feel because that’s not how they like to communicate. Men usually like to communicate with their actions and gestures. So if you want to know how your man feels about you, you just have to be able to take a look at how they are whenever they’re with you. Learn to read the subtext of their actions. Learn to understand the emotional weight of their gestures.

And if you’re feeling lost in that regard, then enlighten yourself with this article. You just need to make yourself aware of the signs that your man is actually emotionally invested in you. So if you find that the things that are listed on here actually apply to your man and your relationship, then you can breathe easily. You have a man who is ready to commit to you. You have a man who considers you to be the one for him.

1. He uses verbal alternatives to love when talking about how he feels.

He might not be saying that he outright loves you just yet, but he uses verbal alternatives to that word. He tells you that he adores you. He tells you that he respects you. Don’t worry. It’s not that he doesn’t want to tell you he loves you because he doesn’t feel that way. Maybe he just doesn’t want to come off too strong.

2. He enjoys being seen in public with you.

He doesn’t want to hide you. He isn’t ashamed of your love or your relationship. He wears you around his arm like he would a medal.

3. He asked you to meet his friends and family.

He wants to integrate you into his social circles because he knows that down the line, that’s where you’re headed anyway. He wants to share as much of his life with you as possible.

4. He looks at you with genuine intent and affection.

He may not be saying that he’s in love with you with his mouth, but he’s definitely saying it through his eyes. You constantly catch him looking at you with a genuine affection that you just can’t get from other people.

5. He has become more sensual and intimate in the bedroom since you first started doing it.

In the past, it was all about pure physical stimulation between the two of you in bed. But lately, you’ve noticed that he takes his time more. He’s more generous and he acts more deliberately with you. It becomes something that’s more than just physical.

6. He brags about you to his friends and family.

He is always talking about you because he’s so proud to be in a relationship with you. He knows that what you have is something special and worth cherishing.

7. He takes notice of the little things about you and the relationship.

He isn’t just in the relationship for the grand feelings and moments. He also pays attention to detail. He knows that the little things about you matter just as much as the big ones and he doesn’t take those for granted.

8. He doesn’t hesitate when it comes to putting in the effort for your love.

He’s always willing to put in the work. He knows that he has to earn your love and he isn’t afraid to break a sweat to do so.

9. He genuinely likes to spend as much time with you as he can.

He loves spending time with you because you are important to him. He would willingly prioritize you over anything else if he could.

10. He opens up to you about the most intimate aspects of his life.

Just because he doesn’t open up to you about how he feels about you doesn’t mean that he won’t open up to you about other aspects of his life. And if your man openly talks to you about his deepest fears and his biggest dreams, then you know that you’re no just another person in his life.


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10 Things He Does That Shows He’s Your Forever Man

In this world full of fake people, it’s difficult to understand who is genuine. Lovers will be there to flatter but the ones who are to stay forever show certain signs. How do we know? If your man does these 10 things, then you will be able to understand that he is your forever man:


(1)   He supports you when you are going through difficult times:

It’s easy to be there for someone during good times. But very few stick along when we actually need them. If your man is your biggest support system and you always have his back whenever you need him, then he’s someone who will be with you forever.


(2)   He tried his best to be liked by peers:

He understands that we all have flaws and it’s okay if he is not liked by some of your peers. But he makes effort to bridge gaps and tries his best to be accepted by your social circle. This is because he is visualizing a future with you and he wants to be a part of your circle; he wouldn’t isolate you from them.


(3)   He talks a lot about the future:

He doesn’t remain only in the present. He talks of things like where the two of you will settle down together, buy that house you have been dreaming of or go on that vacation you have been talking about for so long. If he sees his future with you and makes you a part of his dreams, then he’s definitely the one who will be there for you always.


(4)   He’s always his true self when the two of you are together:

He doesn’t hide anything from you and he doesn’t pretend. He isn’t afraid to show his real face because he is serious about you and he doesn’t need to fake. This is a sign he is interested in a long-term relationship with you.


(5)   He respects you and cares for you:

He doesn’t flatter a lot. Rather, he respects you, your character, your ideologies of life. He cares for you, he’s never rude with you or he doesn’t criticize you or mock you in front of others. This shows the strong love he has for you and that he will remain by your side always.


(6)   He is always honest no matter how difficult times are:

Even if he’s broke or lost his job, he tells you. He doesn’t need to fake anything to get appreciated by you because he is serious about you. He is honest about everything no matter how tough times. It’s a sign that he will remain honest forever no matter what.


(7)   He has introduced you to his peers:

His peers know you and love you. He always talks good about you and they have accepted you as a family. Isn’t it great? You are already a part of circle and it’s a green signal he has accepted you as his partner.

(8)   He listens to you always:

He always listens to you because he loves you and he’s responsible. He pays equal attention to your life in the same way he does to his own. This is a sign he will be there for you.


(9)   He gives you space and doesn’t dominate over you:

He understands that you have your life too and he makes effort to be a part of it. He doesn’t control you or dominate over you. It shows how serious he is about the relationship.


(10)   He always makes effort to make you smile:

He will bring your favourite flowers and chocolate, he will crack funny jokes and try to solve your problems just to make you smile. He can’t see you upset and can do anything to cheer you up. He’s a man you should be keeping.

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