20 Things That Change For Him Once He’s Met His Soulmate

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Whether or not you believe in soulmates, you can’t argue that falling in love for real feels the same as every other relationship. For some people, it’s just once, and for others, it happens more than that, but most people can relate to those feelings of falling so hard for someone else and forming such a strong connection with them that it completely rocks your world.

Scientifically speaking, a lot actually happens to the brain when a man (or woman) falls in love. This can lead to all sorts of other physiological changes, as well as changes in his behavior and attitude. Being in a relationship tends to come with a list of positive changes in your life regardless of if it’s true love or not, but the real thing is unmissable.

Not only does his perspective and mindset toward life change when he meets the person of his dreams, but his tendencies transform too. He becomes almost hooked, even if he was once easy-going, and can become uncontrollably excited. Check out this list of things that happen when true love is struck, to help you figure out whether what you have with your partner is really life-changing.

20. His Perspective Will Change

It’s hard to experience a total change in perspective, especially once you get to a certain age. But falling in love with your soulmate, or falling in love for real, is one of the few triggers that can get you to develop a whole new way of looking at the world. Some experts agree that men, in particular, tend to experience a change in perspective when they meet their true soulmate instead of another fling.

It was reported on Life Hack that when people meet their soulmates, even if they’re not in an established relationship with them yet, they end up seeing the world in a new, positive way.

“When you meet your soulmate you will see the world in a more positive light. On a day-to-day basis you will feel happier and more optimistic, which results in you being nicer to other people,” the website states. “You will become more forgiving and friendly towards the people in your life, as you want to share your positive worldview with everyone around you.”

It’s only natural that when you are excited about something in your life, like meeting your soulmate, you start to think more positive thoughts and in a way, become buttered up.

19. He Will Be Hooked, Even If He Was Always Carefree

Certain personalities are definitely more prone to obsession and clinginess than others. Some people use clutching to their partner’s side as their go-to move in a relationship, and lose all independence and sense of self-identity. That’s not the kind of hooked we’re talking about! When people fall in love with their soulmates, they tend to need that person in their lives, even if they don’t show it through clingy behavior.

This stems from basic changes in the brain that occur when a person falls in love. Put in simple terms, falling in love releases dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that allows us to feel those strong sensations of pleasure and reward. Psychologist Gladys Frankel spoke to Bustle about the phenomenon, explaining why people tend to obsess when they fall in love (even if it’s only to themselves!).

“The dopamine rush is experienced like a thrill, creating an intense experience like a craving,” Frankel, PhD, says. “This is why someone might sit and think about someone constantly or sit in a meeting writing their name. It lights up areas of the brain that are similarly light up as an [obsession].” This can happen to all people, regardless of whether you’ve already got an obsessive personality or not.

18. Excitement Will Overtake Him

Getting into a new relationship can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life, and that’s a hundred times the case if the relationship is based on love rather than lust. People might try to play it cool, but if you fall in love with your soulmate, you’re going to be excited, straight and simple. It doesn’t matter if you love romance or hate it, and if you’ve been in love before or not—it’s something you can’t help being exhilarated over.

According to Bustle, those thrilling feelings that we feel when we actually fall in love, as opposed to when we’re just luke-warm about someone, come from more chemical reactions that occur in the brain.

Norepinephrine does it this time. Similar to adrenaline, this causes all those feelings of excitement that you can’t quite contain.

Because of this, some of the symptoms you experience when he does fall in love include uncontrollable butterflies in his stomach, sweaty palms, and increased sensitivity. “Falling in love and finding your soulmate may give you butterflies in your stomach, but it’s your brain that’s ultimately doing most of the reacting,” writes Bustle. And often, these feelings are so strong that they pretty much overtake anything else that’s going on.

17. He Will Feel Safe And Secure

It’s easy to feel totally unsettled when you’re single, or when you’re in a relationship with somebody who is not your true love or soulmate. Part of this comes from not having someone to rely on and who can support you in hard times, which is what your soulmate is supposed to do. But it can also come from knowing that society expects you to find your true love, and be feeling like you’ve failed on that front. So when a man does meet his real soul mate, more changes happen in his brain which allows him to feel safe and secure.

Psychologist Traci Stein, Ph.D., MPH confirms that these aren’t just imagined feelings, but the result of something physiological. “Once you’ve found your soulmate, the hormones oxytocin and vasopressin are released, and they enhance feelings of contentment, security, and attachment,” she tells Bustle. “Even though most people become less ‘oogly-googly’ over time, they are also less up-and-down emotionally when the relationship is stable and enduring.”

What does she mean by “oogly-googly”? “As time goes on and we become more secure in a relationship, cortisol decreases, and people tend to relax more,” Bustle writes. While he might get over some of the new feelings of being love, feeling secure and emotionally stable is something that remains.

16. His Priorities Will Change Majorly

In life, our priorities tend to change when we go through any transformation. Once you have a house, the most important thing on your to-do list suddenly becomes repaying the bank. When you have a baby, bibs and cradles and bottles are instantly much more important to you than things you used to care about. And it’s the same with falling in love. No matter where you are in life, once you meet your soulmate, they tend to rise to the top of your priority list.

If he is really in love with you and believes he’s found his soulmate (or his version of a soulmate), you’ll know about it because he’ll act in ways that show you how high you are on his list.

You’ll suddenly become more important than going to the gym after work or watching that final episode of Game of Thrones (okay, maybe we’re being a little hopeful here).

According to Life Hack, people who believe they’ve found their soulmates can’t help but showing them how important they are: “You love your soulmate very much, and you go out of your way to show that love. You buy their favorite snacks and drinks, and you love to cook for them. You are happy to pick them up from work, and you like running errands with them. Although this might seem like an inconvenience to others, to you it is a joy, as it makes you happy to see your soulmate happy.”

15. He Will Become Less Bitter And Resentful

Bitterness in a person tends to be a result of their own unhappiness. People who are bitter or resentful can be really tough to be around, and it’s so easy to want to distance yourself from them so they don’t bring you down with their negative energy anymore. But naturally, when people start to feel better about what’s going on in their own lives, that comes through in the way that they relate to other humans. They start to act kinder and truly want the best for others because they have the best for themselves already. This kind of thing can happen to a bitter person who falls in love with their soulmate.

The primary goal for many people in life is to meet the one. That’s not everyone’s priority, and there’s nothing wrong if it’s not, but it is a big deal to a lot of people. So it makes sense that when something happens in a person’s life that makes them feel like they’re achieving this goal, they become more confident, happy and secure within themselves, and then transfer that feeling onto others. If your partner starts acting much happier than usual and is kinder to others, it could be because he’s fallen in love and thinks of you as his soulmate.

14. He Will Regain The Hope That He’s Lost

It’s easy to lose hope when you go through hard times in love. Especially when you’re influenced by movies that tell you that romance is perfect and easy, and you compare your own love life with what you see on social media, you can end up feeling like there’s something wrong with you if haven’t found the one by a certain age. If it takes longer than you thought to find them, you can start to feel like there’s no point in even looking anymore. But once you meet that person, all that cynicism and pessimism seems to fade away.

According to Bustle, meeting your soulmate actually causes you to believe in love again, regain the hope that you lost, and be an overall more positive person.

You also tend to stop dwelling on your negative past experiences, because what’s happening in the present is positive. “You may have been cynical or pessimistic in the past, but meeting your soulmate may even change the way you think. You may find yourself focusing more on the brighter side,” explains the site.

Relationship coach and psychotherapist Rachel Dack tells Bustle, “The negativity in the world feels less brutal and depressing because you are focused on love.”

13. He’ll Be Open To Trying New Things

One of the major changes that can happen to a person when they finally meet the one is the sudden desire to try new things and have new experiences in life. A lot of this has to do with actually wanting to get to know your soulmate better and surrounding yourself with the things that they want to do. “Your life changes in lots of different ways when you meet your soulmate. You want to know more about your soulmate’s hobbies and interests, so you are willing to try new things that you have never considered before,” explains Life Hack.

When some people fall in love, they can even choose to do things that they would never have considered before or things that they would have openly been against. “You might take a yoga class with your soulmate—or maybe you will spend four hours watching soccer, just because you want to bond with the person you love.”

Life Hack goes on to explain that this all has to do with trying to understand your new love better by adopting their habits and interests: “This can open your mind up to new hobbies and activities, and you will love seeing the world through your soulmate’s eyes.”

12. His Confidence Will Sky-Rocket

Falling in love is arguably one of the best things you can do to improve your confidence. It’s pretty easy to see why: what could make you feel better about yourself than having the person you’re crazy about feeling the same way about you?

Obviously, falling in unrequited love is a bit of a different story!

But when you enter a mutual relationship with the person you consider to be your soulmate, you usually end up feeling really good about yourself. Since they approve of you, and you care what they think, it’s suddenly much easier to approve of yourself.

Rachel Dack explained the confidence boost that comes with falling in love with your soulmate to Bustle. “Finding your soulmate leads to a confidence boost and more energy to tackle problems,” she says. “You feel comforted to have this special person by your side, helping you make decisions and handle responsibilities. In turn, problem-solving becomes easier and you feel less stressed due to the solid support your partner provides.”

So if you notice a boost in his confidence, it could be because he’s fallen in love. Pay attention to how he carries himself and comes across in general, and you’ll get an idea!

11. He’ll Be The Best Version Of Himself

Falling in love is arguably one of the best things you can do to improve your confidence. It’s pretty easy to see why: what could make you feel better about yourself than having the person you’re crazy about feeling the same way about you? Obviously, falling in unrequited love is a bit of a different story! But when you enter a mutual relationship with the person you consider to be your soulmate, you usually end up feeling really good about yourself. Since they approve of you, and you care what they think, it’s suddenly much easier to approve of yourself.

Rachel Dack explained the confidence boost that comes with falling in love with your soulmate to Bustle. “Finding your soulmate leads to a confidence boost and more energy to tackle problems,” she says. “You feel comforted to have this special person by your side, helping you make decisions and handle responsibilities. In turn, problem-solving becomes easier and you feel less stressed due to the solid support your partner provides.”

So if you notice a boost in his confidence, it could be because he’s fallen in love. Pay attention to how he carries himself and comes across in general, and you’ll get an idea!

10. Solving Problems Will Never Have Been Easier

Even something as simple as solving problems can totally change when a man falls in love. It all comes from being confident and feeling stronger, which in turn has a number of positive effects on many areas of his life. The way that he solves problems is one of them, writes Life Hack. “When you meet someone who completes you, you feel more confident and strong. This strength makes you better at problem-solving, so you can focus more energy on the things in your life that need fixing.”

Not only does he gain more confidence, but physically having someone there to support him also helps when it’s time to tackle life’s challenges. “Your soulmate is there to help you make decisions; they become your financial advisor, roommate, and parent to your children, which helps to relieve the burden of daily life,” explains the site.

“You work together to find solutions to problems, and their support means you always make the best possible decision.”

That being said, life doesn’t miraculously become a walk in the park, so to speak. Challenges and obstacles will still be there, but a man who’s found his soulmate will be better equipped to deal with them.

9. When It Comes To Others, He Will Also Find It Easier To Connect

Falling in love tends to have an effect on most areas of your life, not just your relationship or love life. When someone has fallen hard, they have a tendency to get attached to the other people in their life because they’re already attached to their new soulmate.

This makes it easier to socialize and connect with other people, especially for someone who usually finds those things a little challenging.

Bustle described the several chemical changes that happen to your brain when you actually fall in love with your soulmate and has the scientific answer as to why a man may feel so connected to other people when he falls for his soulmate. “Oxytocin is the hormone that is released when we become attached to someone … It’s a nice feeling because it’s associated with trust, safety, bonding, and intimacy.” The site then explains that this same change helps a person to feel the same way in other, non-romantic social contexts: “You will find a feeling of closeness with your loved one, but a study from Stanford University of Medicine found that oxytocin is also involved in social connections,” explains the site. “So you may feel connected to others too.”

8. His Future Plans He Thought Would Never Change, Will Change

It’s only natural that when you fall in love, you tend to shift your life around to make room for that big change. When a guy falls in love with his soulmate, you might find that he starts changing the plans he had previously solidified to suit his new future with the love of his life. Basically, if you fall in love with someone then you want to keep them in your life at all costs, and that sometimes requires transformations. This could be moving to be closer to your soulmate, getting rid of a habit that doesn’t suit them like going out and getting lit every weekend, or even changing jobs.

According to Love Dignity, a man’s future goals can change to fit in with his soulmate’s, but they can also change to mirror them. “All of a sudden your future goals and plans change! Your soul mate’s dreams would be your dreams too,” write the advice site. “Yes! It’s quite a crazy thing, but yes it happens with people who are in true love with their soul mate. You would eventually start thinking from his/her perspective and then the stage comes when you might realize that your personal goals have changed.”

7. Selflessness Will Become Part Of Who He Is

One of the best things about falling in love with your soulmate is that it can help to transform you into a much more selfless and caring person. Any big positive change in a person’s life can have that effect, so meeting your true love is no different. One way to find out whether the guy you’re seeing has fallen in love yet or not is to look out for signs that he’s becoming more selfless. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but a lot of people do find that they become more compassionate toward others and interested in what others need once they’re settled in their own love lives.

A man who is in love is usually so much more interested in keeping his partner happy than he is in keeping himself happy, but he also becomes selfless with people outside of the relationship.

“Just to express your extreme love for your soul mate, you never hesitate to go out of your way for your love,” writes Love Dignity. “Whether it is about cooking late at night for them or picking them up from their office. You feel energized to do anything for their happiness. To people, it sounds like a nuisance, but you don’t care…”

6. He Will Lose Some Of His Ability To Make Judgments

The saying that love is blind is actually surrounded by more truth than you probably realize. When people fall in love with their soulmate, they tend to lose a few of their wits in the process. This then closes them off to seeing what’s really happening out there, which can be a problem if you end up falling in love with someone who’s not good for you. But when you’re with your soulmate, who’s definitely good for you, it’s a wonderful feeling. All of a sudden, you feel like you don’t have to worry and stress about things the way you used to.

Bustle explained that once again, this is due to chemical reactions to love in the brain: “There’s a reason some people feel blinded by love: The amygdala, which normally senses danger and is a survival mechanism, can slightly shut down as a result of being in love.”

In a toxic relationship, this isn’t a good thing because it stops you from seeing how someone might be bad for you. But when it comes to true love, it’s actually a good thing because it prevents you from seeing their little flaws that might have otherwise turned you off, as psychotherapist Lena Derhally MS, MA confirms: “This is amazing because it clouds our judgment and prevents us from seeing flaws in the one we are in love with.”

5. He’ll Be Interested In Mirroring His Soulmate’s Life

There’s another common saying which is grounded in truth, and that is that imitation is the highest form of flattery. When you admire and respect someone, you tend to want to adopt their behaviors and mannerisms. This can be anything from wanting to dress like them to want to work in the same industry to even starting to use some of their sayings and phrases. In some cases, you might even catch yourself mirroring their body language. Most of the time, this sort of thing occurs without the person even realizing they’re doing it. All this can be true with friends, family members, and even celebrities, so of course, it applies to your soulmate.

When a man meets and falls in love with his soulmate, he just might start subconsciously copying all of that person’s behavior.

A subtle clue to this is copying body language, and you should be able to tell if you look through any photos you have together. In the photos, if you notice that he’s standing with his hand on his hip when your hand is, or bending one knee when you are already doing that, it could be a sign that he thinks of you as his soulmate. That’s not to say if there’s no mirroring body language that he doesn’t, so don’t worry!

4. Other Magical Things Will Start Happening To Him Too

Spiritually speaking, other wonderful things can happen in a man’s life when he meets and falls in love with the one. For starters, for many people, simply getting into a relationship with someone they think of as their soulmate feels like a miracle. After all, so many people believe this to be the most important area of their life. And once one piece of good fortune, miracle, luck, blessing or whatever you want to call it comes into your life, it is said that more will follow.

Soul Life Times, an online magazine for“a New Way of Being, from Passion to Purpose, Soul Talk, Body and Healing, Soul Lifestyle, and Coaching” claims that other miracles start happening once you’ve fallen in love with your soulmate: “When you have found the one who was meant for you, your soulmate, it can feel like a miracle for you. Why would it not be possible for other extraordinary things to happen?”

“The connection of you to your soulmate was a part of your destiny,” the magazine goes on to write. “Now that you are on the path to completing this part of your life’s purpose, other pieces will begin to happen for you as well.”

3. He’ll Be Happy, Even When Nobody Is Around

It should come as no surprise that finally getting together with the love of your life should bring you a whole lot of happiness. But what you might not have known is that the happiness actually continues on long after that person leaves. Sure, you’re happy when you’re actually with them, but your good mood tends to hang around for a long time, even if it’s a while before you see them again.

“When you meet your soulmate, you constantly experience giddy feelings of happiness—even if you’re not actually with them!” Life Hack confirms. “You smile whenever you think about them, or whenever you receive a message or a call from them. Other people might look at you and wonder why you are smiling to yourself, but you are too happy to notice.”

It can be pretty hard to know if someone is happy when you’re not around because, well, you’re not around. But you might be able to gage from his family and friends or co-workers what kind of mood he’s generally in without you being physically there. If he’s super chipper and mostly happy, it could mean that he’s fallen for you, and believe you’re the one.

2. He Will Allow Himself To Be Vulnerable

It can’t be denied that there’s a certain vulnerability that comes with love. In general, a man is much more willing to risk rejection, getting his heart broken and destroying his ego when he’s actually in love with someone because the possibility of being loved back is worth it. So it makes sense that when someone meets their soulmate, they open themselves up and allow themselves to be vulnerable, even if they’re usually extremely guarded.

And by the way, being vulnerable isn’t something to avoid or be ashamed of.

With the wrong person, you can be taken advantage of this way and go through some real pain.

But with a soulmate, this gives you a certain kind of power and helps you to love yourself more. “There is great power in vulnerability and you know it. You create a safe space where your soulmate can show his/her vulnerabilities and still feel unconditionally loved,” writes Ascended Relationships. “You have transcended the spiritual bypass that says you have to have it all figured out and be “perfect”, instead you embrace what makes you and your beloved human.”

It’s exciting when your partner lets you in and risks looking silly to let you know how they feel because most people don’t get to that stage unless they believe they’ve found the real thing.

1. Love Will Suddenly Interest Him

Another thing that can change drastically when a man finds his soulmate is the way he feels about love in general. In many cases, once he actually finds love, he’ll be more of a believer in it rather than a cynic, and might even start to become an ambassador for love. Even people who were previously unemotional or indifferent when it came to topics like love and romance could find themselves suddenly really interested in those things once they’ve experienced it for themselves.

“Once you have met your soulmate, you start to help others to see the possibility of love connections around them,” writes Soul Life Times. “The quality of a soulmate is now one of the most desirable traits in a partner, according to a Gallup poll of men and women age 20 to 29. Now that you have found your soulmate, you want your friends [to] find their soulmates as well and experience the happiness that you have.”

It only makes sense that you’d want your friends and family to feel the same kind of joy that you do when you fall in love with someone who means a lot you. You can tell that he’s become like a love ambassador if he talks about romance-related topics in front of others, and is visibly excited when other couples get together.

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