13 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Going Down On A Guy

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f you ask a group of guys what their favorite part of sex is, guaranteed a lot of them will say they love when a girl goes down on them. Oral sex can be foreplay, the main event, or just a great way to tease each other. That being said, not every girl is as into this as guys would like. But most of us will do it anyway, because if we like a guy, we want him to be happy. Sometimes, it’s even enjoyable.

Still, it’s hard to not let your mind wander while you’re down there. Hopefully you’re thinking about other things related to sex, but that’s not always the case. Luckily, your guy never has to know what you’re thinking about, but try to stay focused on the task at hand, because oral sex should be fun for everyone involved. Good or bad, here are some of the things girls think about while they’re going down on a guy.

13. Do I look good doing this?

Most of us are thinking about our posture and if we look anything like the women we see in adult films (not that we watch them a lot). We always wonder what we look like from your angle, do I look sexy, I bet I look hot, wait.. but what if he thinks I don’t look hot? AhhWhen will he finish?

12. Am I doing a good job?

Even if you think you know what you’re doing, the fact remains that everyone likes different things. What works on one guy might do absolutely nothing for the next. Needless to say, going down on a guy can be a confusing experience. Most guys will make some kind of indication that they’re enjoying what you’re doing, but if he’s lying there motionless, in complete silence, you’re probably going to think he either fell asleep or he’s dead. Neither are a good sign.

11. I wonder how long I need to do this

Again, everyone is different. One guy might be ready to finish up in mere minutes, while another is probably never going to get off from oral sex alone, no matter how good you are at it. That’s always the risk you take when you head below the belt, which can be enough to make some girls talk themselves out of even starting in the first place. Not many girls are up for a half hour session. It’s daunting. Or if you’re just using it as foreplay, how do you know when it’s time to transition to the next activity? Hopefully he’ll let you know… or else it’s just guess work.

10. What do I do with his other parts?

Girls don’t have testicles, so we have no idea how sensitive they are or are not. Sometimes you’d rather just ignore them completely, but other times you start to think maybe you should let them in on the fun. But what should you do? If you’re unsure what the guy likes, it’s best to start slow and gentle and see how he responds. But there’s always inner thoughts, should I or shouldn’t I ? This struggle happens before you just decide to go for it and touch them.

9. I really hope he reciprocates

Not that girls only give because they want something in return. Most of the time we do it because we’re positive he likes it and wants it, and we want him to be as turned on as possible. But at the same time, it’s always nice when he’s willing to reciprocate, right? No girl likes a guy who takes and takes and takes and never gives anything back. That’s just not fair. Sex is supposed to be fun for everyone, and as soon as it becomes clear you’re always going to be doing all the work, going down on him becomes a lot less appealing.

8. His grooming leaves something to be desired

Oral sex requires you to be up close and personal with his most private business. So obviously it would be nice if he kept everything down there neat, clean, and organized. We’re not looking for a perfectly waxed member we just want to know that you have put effort in maintaining yourself hygienically and physically. Manscape guys!

7. My jaw is really starting to hurt

If things have been taking longer than you expected, it’s hard not to notice that your jaw is starting to get a little stiff. No one is used to keeping their mouth open for that long, it’s just not natural. But if you feel as though he is close to the finish line you don’t want to give up either. You can push through the pain for a couple more minutes. If he’s not done by then, you might have to stop. But he’ll be done by then, you’re sure of it.

6. Should I use my hands more?

Hands are never a bad thing, but the question is how much is too much? Sometimes using your hands is the only way you can give your poor, aching jaw the break it needs to keep going. But rely on your hands too much and he’s going to think you either don’t know what you’re doing, or you’re completely grossed out. Neither of which is true. Probably.

5. I need to shave my head before the next time

There is no time you hate your hair more than when you are going down on a guy. It would be nice if he’d hold it back for you, but he doesn’t seem to be getting the memo on that. There’s a hair elastic in your purse, but that’s all the way across the room. Is it worth stopping to put your hair in a ponytail? This will probably only a take a couple more minutes anyway, just note to self: shave your head before you do this again.

4. I’m going to kill him if he tries to push my head down again

Unless you’re an adult film actress or just really into acting like you are, you probably aren’t too keen on him pushing your head down on his member, no one is. You’re doing the best you can, is it necessary? I know he thinks it’s all hot because he’s seen this happen in the movies but I am not going to be that person, now I’m mad. Will he be done soon?

3. Oh ya what did I read in Cosmo last week?

You probably read a new sex tip in Cosmo or any other random selection of women’s magazines at least once a week. It’s impossible to remember them all, but it sure would be nice to have a few stashed away in the back of your mind for these times when your usual moves don’t seem to be doing the trick. There was that one with something to do with a fancy tongue swirl of some kind and fruits? Oh it seems to be working. I think he likes it. Cosmo really does know what they’re talking about! Hopefully he will finish soon.

2. Will this ever be over?

Literally, it feels like you’ve been doing this for hours. Your jaw hurts, your mouth is getting really dry, your neck is stiff, you don’t have the upper body strength to hold yourself up any longer. Maybe you should just give up. But you’re too tired to have sex now, and he’ll probably whine about leaving him before the grand finale. You might as well just keep going. Just a little bit longer. Is he almost done?!

  1. That was some of my best work

After all that work, you’re left feeling completely exhausted, but accomplished. If it took a long time (which makes many of us mad), you can feel proud for persevering. If it was quick and easy, you can pat yourself on the bat for being fantastic. Either way, the fact that you willingly went down on him is impressive. Good job. You’re awesome. Now it’s your turn to lay back and enjoy yourself. You earned it.

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