6 Common Reasons Why Men Get Bored Of Having Sex (Even With The Most Attractive Women)

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Relationships are no joking business. They’re very complex and they have many layers to them. A lot of immature and inexperienced couples often get blindsided by how difficult it really is to sustain a relationship. They think that so as long as they stay in love with one another, things are always going to turn out alright. But the more experienced couples know that that isn’t necessarily always going to be the case. It’s important to keep in mind that a relationship is going to be composed of two very complex and unique individuals who carry individual personalities that often clash with one another.

And when you get that clash in a relationship, it just makes everything even more complicated than it already is.Whenever couples go through trials and tribulations in their relationships, it’s either they end up becoming further apart or they get stronger as a couple. And it’s the couples who are able to handle difficulties and challenges well that are the ones who usually find a way to make their relationships last until forever.One often overlooked aspect of maintaining a relationship with someone is a couple’s sex life. In this modern age, sex is becoming more and more important for couples to maintain intimacy and passion in a relationship.

It’s especially important for MEN in relationships. There’s no denying that men are more obsessed about sex than women are. Its how they’re wired. It’s how they’re programmed. It’s just how their DNA is formed. Men are going to be more serious about sex than women are. And sometimes, that can spell trouble for women. As a woman, you might not be paying too much attention to your man’s sexual demeanor and habits. But you have to know that how he acts in the bedroom can be very telling. A man’s sexual outlook and demeanor can reveal a lot about how he feels about a particular person or a relationship.

So if you notice that your man’s sexual drive is starting to diminish in your relationship, that’s not something that you can just ignore. And if you’re curious to why things have turned out that way, then this article is for you. Here are some probable reasons as to why he’s getting bored of having sex.

1. There is a general lack of physical intimacy and affection in the relationship as a whole.

If your man starts to feel like you aren’t really being affectionate with him anymore, then he’s going to start to lose that luster for being affectionate with you as well. You don’t really kiss anymore. You don’t hug each other goodbye. You don’t cuddle in bed. You don’t really express your love through physically intimate ways. You are both letting your physical forms of stimulation die and it’s slowly killing your sex life – and it’s killing your emotional bond and connection with one another as well.

2. Something seems to be missing in the relationship.

Something is missing. He’s not happy with the way that things are in a relationship. He’s feeling discontent. He’s feeling frustrated. He’s feeling unaccomplished and unfulfilled. All of these negative feelings are making it more and more difficult for him to actually get in the mood for sex. It’s slowly killing his sex drive.

3. He is dealing with his own personal demons that are only fueling his insecurities and worries.

He can’t bring himself to want to have sex with you if he’s far too insecure. He can’t convince himself of being sexy or sensual because his fears and insecurities are eating away at his insides. Being able to have a strong sex drive always relies on a certain level of confidence – and he might be having some confidence issues right now.

4. He has fallen in love with someone else.

This is probably the most heartbreaking item on this list; but it happens way too often in relationships. You have to consider the possibility that your man has fallen in love with someone else; and that’s the reason why you both haven’t been having an active sex life as of late. He can’t bring himself to have sex with someone he’s not in love with.

5. He is preoccupied with other things in life.

Maybe he’s busy. Maybe he’s dealing with a lot of problems at work. Maybe the toxic environment at home is really stressing him out. Whatever the case, his problems are really keeping him from getting into the mood with you. And your sex life is suffering for it.

6. He feels like you’re not into him because you lack initiative and enthusiasm.

You have rarely ever shown him any signs of initiative or enthusiasm for sex; and so he feels like you aren’t attracted to him. He doesn’t want to have to be the one who always initiates sex. He doesn’t want to always be the one who makes the effort in the relationship.

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If You Really Want Intimacy, Skip The Sex & Do These 13 Things Instead

Sex is often thought of as the most intimate thing you can do with someone, but there are plenty of other things you can do with your partner that will increase your bond just as much. Keep your clothes on and get closer to your partner by doing these things:


It’s not just chatting or texting that matters to keep you connected, but those real heart-to-heart discussion. These are where your emotions, thoughts, dreams, desires and more are splashed onto the canvas of your relationship. You share personal and important parts of yourself, and the result is that you see each other more closely than before.


 Doesn’t it call to mind early days of dating when you got a thrill just by innocently touching each other? You might scoff at the idea of hand-holding being intimate, but it’s such a simple act that can help recharge some of the chemistry between you two.


Sometimes massage is a precursor to sex, but it doesn’t have to be. This type of touch allows you to learn more about each other’s bodies through touch. It’s a great way to pamper each other and really get to know each other a bit more intimately without speaking a single word.


You might dance together at the club, but put some music on that allows you to wrap your arms around each other and just be in the moment. It’s a perfect way to get lost in the music and your love for each other.


These should be unique that mean something to both of you. Other people might not know WTF these names are about, but that makes them even more special because they’re about your private bond.


 You might send each other romantic texts now and then, but they’re usually short and likely filled with emojis. In other words, they’re not as intimate as they should be. That’s where good old-fashioned letters come in. The act of sitting down and pouring your heart out to the person you love is intimate AF.


Not just after sex, but as the main event. Being held by your partner makes you feel safe and loved. Plus, there’s something really intimate about allowing yourself to be held, which isn’t always easy if you have trust issues or fear being vulnerable.


 Curl up together and read passages to each other from your favorite books. This is a simple pleasure that instantly boosts closeness, especially when you’re sharing stories that are close to your heart.


Whether it’s baking a cake or going bungee-jumping, try a new activity together. It not only brings new energy to your relationship, but also makes you bond because you’re exploring new territory together.


When last did you actually kiss each other as though you were kissing for the first time, and for longer than two minutes? Kissing shouldn’t only be part of foreplay. It’s highly intimate, and when you spend time doing it with care instead of rushing through it, it can really make you feel connected and loved.


 Everyone always goes on about showering together, but there’s something much more intimate about bathing with your partner. You get to relax, chat about your day, and wash each other. It’s so sexy and romantic.


 Late-night contact from a man usually points to one thing: he’s horny and hopes to get laid. But what’s much more intimate than that is when you call each other late at night just to hear each other’s voices at the end of the day. There’s something really romantic about lying in the dark listening to each other and sharing a laugh over something silly.


Instead of having sex and then falling asleep with your partner, head to bed for sleep without the sex. Yes, really. It’s one of the most vulnerable positions to be in, which makes it a great intimate activity if you want to boost your bond.

By Andrea Wesley for Bolde

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