20 Naughty Hacks That Will Drive Him Wild

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You love your man, but my oh my, things are getting a bit boring in the bedroom department. If you are feeling it, you can bet your bottom dollar that he is thinking the same thing too. So how can you change things up? You already work a full time job and you have about as much spare time as any other woman trying to get it and keep it altogether. What can you do?

If he is not picking up the slack and bringing the fun back into the bedroom, then it is your time to shine. There are numerous naughty hacks you can test out on him without spending a small fortune. In fact, most of these tricks won’t cost you a penny and the ones that do won’t break the bank.

Spicing up your love making is easy and you hardly need the extra down time to wow him and blow his mind away. All it takes is a few minutes of your devoted attention and you will have him eating out of your claws… I mean hands. After all, what man doesn’t love a woman who takes over the sex initiation and knows precisely what she wants. Give it as good as you get it, ladies.

20. Try A Different Room

Doing it in the same room over and over again gets boring. Change things up a bit and initiate love making in a different room. Get him going in the living room, do it on the kitchen counters, and even in the garage, basement, or backyard shed (make sure the neighbors can’t see or hear you first). Changing up the location can also lead to some rather interesting positions plus every time he goes back into that room he will think about what the two of you did in there.

19. Take A Bath

Far from overrated, bubble baths litter the path to pure enjoyment. When the evening is tense and the stress is high, quietly go into the bathroom and draw a hot bubble bath for you and your partner. Invite him in and enjoy a long soak together, wrapped in each others arms. As you feel the stress leave your body, begin washing him. Wash his hair, giving him a full head massage that will make him drool. Wash his shoulders, back, and work your hands downwards. He will totally melt.

18. Tease Him From Behind

Give him a surprise he won’t likely forget anytime soon and sneak up behind him when he least expects it. Give him a hug and begin kissing his neck and back. Reach around front and begin to tease him with your hands. Hold him like he would hold himself and give him long strokes. He will absolutely love it.

17. Break Out The Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is pretty much a sex manual of ancient Indian Hindu origins. The manual contains numerous positions that you and your partner can try out. Lucky for us all, you can buy Kama Sutra position cards and each night, you and your boyfriend can choose a different card to try out. It keeps things exciting and will let the two of you find new favorite positions.

16. Blindfold Him

Buy him a blindfold, wrap it up and leave it for him in his car so that when he goes to work he will find it. Give him all day to think about what you will do to him when he gets home in the evening. When the time comes, make him put on the blindfold and lay back on the bed. Treat him to all kinds of different sensations, from feathers to ice cubes. Tease his whole body with your mouth.

15. Stroke His Ego

Seduce your man with just your words. Talk him up, telling him all the things you love about him. Talk about how much you love his body and, of course, the way his member feels. Let him know how much you appreciate him and purr a few dirty thoughts into his ear. Men love being adored and after a night of this, he will be putty in your hands.

14. Get In The Shower With Him

The next time he is in the shower, join him. Showering together is a great way to add an extra layer of intimacy to your relationship. Grab a wash cloth and the soap and wash him down from head to feet, paying extra attention to his back which he will absolutely love. You can use the time to tease him into a frenzy or you can initiate some one-on-one action while standing up.

13. Make It A Quick Tumble

Take the pressure off of him to perform for over ten minutes and give him the occasional, unexpected quickie. Ask him upfront if he wants a quickie, grab him by the hand (or his other appendage) and lead him to the perfect spot. Chairs and sofas are great areas for quickies because you can get on top of him and let him sit back to enjoy the ride.

12. Edible Boyfriend

Before he comes over, run out to the store to get some fun foods. Buy your favorite sweet stuff, from whipped cream to chocolate syrup. When you get home, lay a blanket over your bed, one that you won’t mind getting dirty, and then surprise him that night by undressing him and covering him with your dessert selections. Take your time putting the yum on select areas and licking them off of him.

11. Give Him A Lap Dance

Lap dances are the ultimate way to tease a man. Learn how to do a lap dance by watching instructional videos on YouTube. When he comes over, make him sit in a chair and tell him he has to follow the rules of the lap dance and that means no hands. If he doesn’t behave, you will have to tie his hands behind his back. Wear your sexiest lingerie and give him the grind of his life. Don’t give him any release until he starts speaking in tongues.

10. Dress Up

Find out what he fantasizes about and what kind of lingerie he likes and give it to him. If he is into Star Wars, get ready to dress up like a sexy Princess Leia. If he is into nurses, guess what? You are going to shop for a sexy nurse outfit online (they are easy to find, trust me). Buy a pair of crotchless underwear and see how he reacts to them. Keep up the excitement just by surprising him with different outfits.

9. Naughty Texts

Flirt with him over the phone when he is away. Send him photos that tease him and send him dirty messages about what you would like to do to him when he gets back to your place. He will have a hard time thinking of anything else but getting back home and into your bed.

8. Wrap It For Flavor

Oral might not be your favorite thing, but you can bet it is probably his. If you can’t stand the taste, try this easy sex hack. Undo a fruit rollup and wrap it around his intimate parts, leaving the head uncovered. This way you will taste the fruit rollup and give him pleasure at the same time. It will drive him absolutely crazy.

7. Stimulate The Right Spot

To really heighten his pleasure during foreplay or when you’re going downtown, place a finger or two against the special spot. You know, that middle region in between his manhood and his rear. It is a sensitive area, sort of like our G-spot, that can increase his sexual pleasure and make it a night he will never forget.

6. Play His Favorite Music

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of music. The next time you are in the mood and want to have some play time with your man, put on his favorite music and let the good times roll.

5. Let Him Watch

Men love to watch and that is why adult flicks are so popular with them. Give him a personal show one night and begin to pleasure yourself. Let him watch for as long as he likes or until he wants to get in on the action. Pleasing yourself in full view of him will give him a memory that will last a lifetime.

4. Get On Top

All too often we expect our man to do all the work. Switch things up one night by getting on top of him. Tease him with your whole body and then take it slow. When you are on top, you are in total control and you can delay the big O for as long as you want, driving him crazy in the process.

3. Give Him A Naughty Massage

Start off by giving him a regular back massage and slowly work your way down to his butt cheeks. Use plenty of skin lotion or natural oil to work your hands into his butt muscles. The butt is actually made of three different muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. These muscles can easily become sore from either hard work or from sitting. Massaging these for him will instantly relax him and put him in the mood for some serious play.

2. Let Him See You Naked

More often than not, we quickly get undressed, get under the covers, and make love to our man without ever letting him drink in all of our natural beauty. Change things up and let him feast his eyes on your whole body. Throw the covers off the bed, turn up the lights or do it in the afternoon sun. Men are visual creatures and love to look.

  1. Put On A Dirty Movie

If you and your man often sit down after eating to watch some television, he will love this change of pace. Instead of putting on the usual Netflix movie, surprise him by putting on an adult movie. Don’t give him any hints about what you are doing and let him be totally surprised. As the two of you snuggle up on the sofa to watch the action, rest your hand between his legs and see how long it takes for him to become aroused.

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