13 Signs He’s Legit Husband Material

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Falling in love with someone carries a long list of doubts that we generally can’t answer on our own. It’s true, love can make us blind and we can overlook important signs that can tell us whether he is marriage material or not.

We sometimes need someone who is standing outside the relationship to show us what we’re failing to see, important factors that can tell you whether you’re partner is a winner or a loser.

That’s the purpose of this very interesting list; to show you 15 signs he’s marriage material. Here you will find important signs that you need to take into account to make the best decision about whether you and your boy will have a good future together or if it’s better to say adios.

We know that our good judgment can get cloudy when we’re in love but we still want to make the best decision for ourselves by taking the future into consideration, and friends can sometimes be overindulging in telling us these important signs. But that’s why we’re here to support you in making the best decision.

15. He’s Kind

A nice physique will be stolen by time. Of course we all want someone who is easy on the eyes but keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter how handsome he is; if he’s rude, mean and cruel you will eventually fall out of love with him. On the other hand, being kind is a virtue that will last a lifetime. You’ll learn to see beyond his outer shell and focus more on his inner beauty and will realize just how beautiful he truly is. A kind heart goes further than outer beauty will ever go.

14. He’s Generous

Many women seek a rich man, but they rarely notice whether he’s generous or not. What good is a man if he’s rich but cheap? He’ll never give you a dime for anything. So focus more on how generous he is. One way of noticing this is by how much he tips the waiter. Another way to tell if he is generous does not have to do with monetary value. Does he share his wealth by helping others, does he devote any of his time to helping those in need? You want someone who thinks of others and wants to help.

Being generous is definitely a quality that you need to be on the lookout for.

13. He’s Hardworking

It doesn’t matter if he’s poor; because if he’s hardworking then he’s a keeper. It means that he will work his little butt off to get somewhere, to achieve great things and that somewhere down the line he’ll be able to provide you with the luxuries you like. Don’t expect him to become the next Mark Zuckerberg because that’s a little unrealistic, but who knows? Maybe he does become the next billionaire, just don’t get your hopes up.

Be careful that he’s not the type that just talks a lot but never delivers results. You’ll notice if he’s hardworking, it’s simply something that doesn’t go unnoticed.

12. He’s Supportive

The beginning of a relationship is usually a honeymoon stage, but somewhere down the line things will get rocky, it’s simply inevitable. When life throws you curve balls you’ll need someone to hold your hand, someone who will support you in every way that he can. When you stop believing in yourself, you’ll need someone who believes you can take the world by storm. So keep your eyes open and notice how supportive he is of your dreams, your highs and your lows.

11. He Respects You

Most men have a wandering eye. Whenever they see a hot looking woman it is almost inevitable for them to look. We can let them get away with this one because come on! I think we can´t help looking whenever we see a hot guy walking by. Leaving this aside, if he’s respectful towards your feelings, your appearance, your opinions and personal beliefs then he’s definitely marriage material. It is fundamental that we’re with someone with whom we feel comfortable being ourselves with. This is part of being respected; it’s allowing us to be who we are without being judged or criticized.

10. He is Driven and Has Initiative

Being driven and having initiative is practically the formula to success. Being hardworking is important but he can be hardworking in something that will never take him anywhere, but having a drive and initiative will lead him to seek better opportunities and to always be on the look out to achieve everything he wants. If you can find yourself a man who is hardworking, driven and has initiative then don’t let him go! Because it’s very likely that he’ll reach the sky.

9. He Loves You For Who You Are

He doesn’t care about what you do for a living, what you look like or how you dress. He loves you for who you are as a person. He can see you without the masks you put up for society and he’s still crazily and madly in love with you. This is the purity of love that is many times overlooked. We put up so many masks because we can be afraid of showing our true colors out of fear we’ll be rejected, which is why you need in your life a man who will love you for everything that you are.

8. He’s Seen Your Worst and Still Loves You

We all have our dark side, our inner demons that we don’t let anyone see. But if you were brave enough to show him and he still loves you and he’s sticking by your side then make sure you stick by his side. In a world that is run by superficiality we need someone we can trust with our dark side. Someone who is brave enough not to tame us but to accept us. It’s easy to love someone who is charming all the time, but to love someone who’s demons we’ve seen, that is true love and it’s not easily found.

7. He’s Good in Bed

This one is particularly important. Sex is an extremely important part in a marriage, because men like having sex A LOT! This is why you better try out the merchandise before buying it. You want to get along with him in the sack because you’ll be having lots of sex with him so you want to make sure you enjoy it. Sometimes we can love someone very much but if the sex is bad it’s very likely the relationship will be doomed.

Besides, as time goes by having sex with the same person gets boring. This is why you need to feel comfortable enough with him to try new things.

6. You Like His Family

You won’t just be marrying him; you’ll be marrying his family as well unless you both move away from them. But in case this isn’t your situation then make sure you get along with his family because you’ll be spending holidays and special events with them like birthdays, Sunday dinners and other annoying family gatherings. The opposite also applies; he needs to get a long with your family because it is simply unfair for someone to have to choose between their partner and their family.

5. He Has Short-term and Long-term Goals

He has goals and he’s working towards them. A good sign is that he also has short-term goals and you’re a witness who sees that he works towards them. Many men can be all about bragging but when it comes to action there’s nothing going on. These type of men rarely go anywhere, they’ll always be talking about all the goals and plans they have but they never work towards them so stay away from them!

Go for the man who puts his drive, determination and hard work into good use and you’ll see that some day you both will be standing on top of the world.

4. He’s Not Violent

According to UN statistics 1 in 3 women experience some form of violence, be it psychological, physical or sexual and the perpetrators are generally men. You want to make sure that he doesn’t have a violent temperament. Look at how he treats the women in his life: his mother, his sister(s), his female friends and how he talks about women. This is a good indicator regarding his temperament towards women. Don’t close your eyes to his treatments towards you, if he’s violent in anyway it’s very likely that this kind of behavior won’t diminish over time and on the contrary, you need someone who will be protective and will love you so incredibly much that he’ll even encourage you to stand up for yourself and not take violence from other men in your life.

3. You Love Him

I’m not talking about lust, obsession or infatuation which are feelings that can be easily mistaken for love. I’m talking about the true, passionate and deep feeling of loving someone. Not just a temporary feeling of “being in love”.

Love will get you through the hardships of life and will keep you motivated to keep fighting for your relationship. All the other feelings that I mentioned before are temporary and you definitely do not want to marry someone whom you won’t love for the long run.

2. He Makes You Laugh

Smiling and laughing are some of the healthiest signs in a relationship, because it means that you’re happy and at the end of the day what we all want is to be happy. Sex will get boring, his handsome looks will fade away, hard moments will come but if he can make you laugh then you’ll know that regardless of the problems that you’ll face you’ll me laughing a long the way.

  1. He’s Honest

If you’re dating and you already have to be on the lookout for his texts and his phone calls then it means your man is not being entirely honest with you and this is a trait that doesn’t fade away with time. Just imagine if 10 years from now you still doubt his fidelity? It would be a nightmare.

But if you feel like everything that comes out of his mouth is honest and his behavior supports what he’s saying then you know you are in a solid and honest relationship where trust is automatic. Trust goes hand in hand with honesty and it’s crucial for a healthy relationship.

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