Sometimes, The Woman Who Is Always There For Everyone Else, Needs Someone There For Her

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If you just so happen to be that girl who is always there for other people- the one who is never absent, the one who persists in friendship, there is no doubt that you have bottled up so many feelings.

If you just so happen to be that girl who is always there for other people- the one who is never absent, the one who persists in friendship, there is no doubt that you have bottled up so many feelings. You are a multilayered personality whose depths seem to have absolutely no limits. Your heart is a vast expanse of water – sometimes troubled and sometimes calm – but always ready to give life to those who need it. You open yourself up to so many people, and you never expect anything in return. Often, your genuine kindheartedness becomes too commonplace wherein people will overlook it. Your sincerity and your pre heart is a rare find in this world, and it tends to get used and abused by so many people. You allow yourself to be broken little by little to benefit the people around you, and you have yet to find someone to help mend the gaps left behind by other people. You rip yourself into sensitive and vulnerable pieces that other people can use to patch themselves up with, and in the end, you find yourself on the losing end of the experience.

Your pain has reached levels of intensity that not many others could possibly bear. You are forced to bear the weight of constant hurt because you know that this is a necessary aspect of humanity. You allow yourself to just be human and let the pain consume you. You recognize your own vulnerabilities, but you never let yourself give in to the pressures of complacency and inhumanity. You know that despite the pain, you will never change your loving, gentle, tender, and kindhearted ways. Secretly though, you hope that eventually, someone will come along to treat you the way that you treat the people in your life. You hope that someone comes along; someone who is willing to face all of the pain and say that you are worth it. You are silently wishing that someone comes by and sees you suffering in darkness and sheds some light on your unfortunate situation. You never ask for anything in return. You are a naturally empathetic and sensitive person who likes to place other peoples’ well-being above your own, but you also realize that it’s okay to hope that maybe you would be on the receiving end of such kindness. You know that you will finally be truly happy when the day comes that someone happens to see you quivering in the corner; and that person asks how you are doing and how you manage to find the strength to cope with your hopeless situation.

However, you are also smart enough to realize that your fantasies are never a certainty. Your dreams may never truly become a reality. You have to consider the possibility that maybe no one is going to come along after all. Maybe you’re going to have to end up spending life facing your own fears and fighting your own demons by yourself. Despite these tragic outlooks, you console yourself with the fact that you have the strength to go on. You have a vitality within you that will carry you to fruition. You have energy levels that are enough to help you last long days and nights in an isolated desert. You are happy knowing that you have developed yourself to be a very strong and independent woman who can take care of herself. You know that your solitude has hardened your exterior and strengthened your resolve. You know that despite having a soft and gentle heart, it still happens to be a heart of a lion that will never go down without a fight. You try to convince yourself that you are an undefeatable warrior who will never falter in the face of adversity; whether or not you have someone with you at your side. You think that you don’t need anyone else, and that you’re going to do just fine on your own.

But what you have to realize as early as now is that you do need other people in your life.

No one should ever have to face their battles alone. No one is capable of conquering life’s toughest challenges without the help of others. You should understand that it’s okay to ask for help and that no one would ever think ill of you for doing so. You have to know that sometimes, even the girl with the warmest embraces and the biggest smiles carries the most troublesome worries, and that only help from other people can help her overcome them. Even now, you have to understand that despite the fact that you have a strong and steady heart, there is nothing that can compare to the strength of collective hearts beating in unison.

The cliché will always hold true that no man could ever be an island, and you are not an exception to the rule. You are merely a rarity. You are someone with a sincerity and kindness that is no longer commonplace, but you still have to acknowledge that just because you are the source of hope in this world, you also have the right to demand hope from the world.

By A for RelRules

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