12 Signs He’s Not Just Your Boyfriend, He’s Your Soulmate

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In life, there are many different kinds of soulmate. It could be your best friend that fits the bill or your boyfriend – there’s more than one definition of the word and more than one person can fill that role in our lives. But when it comes to romance, how do you know that the person you’re falling for is more than just your boyfriend and might actually be soulmate material? Look no further – the signs are pretty easy to spot, if you’re paying attention.

1. YOU CAN COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER WITH JUST A LOOK.You know if he’s sad, mad, happy, or anxious just by looking at him, and he can say the same. You can’t really hide much from each other because of it.

2. HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CALM YOU DOWN WHEN YOU’RE UPSET.In times of need, he’s able to make you feel better when you want to pull your hair out. Sometimes just having him around does the trick. His calming effect on you is almost magical.

3. YOU’RE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF WITH HIM.Not only does he make you feel better, but he inspires you to be better. Maybe the constantly support from him is what does it for you, or maybe he’s just awesome on his own and it’s rubbed off. Either way, you’re both the best people you can be when you’re together.

4. HE UNDERSTANDS YOUR QUIRKS AND NOT ONLY ACCEPTS THEM, BUT LOVES THEM.Although your soulmate has different pet peeves and strange habits,  he gets yours and doesn’t ever tell you you’re being crazy or that you’re wrong. In fact, he doesn’t find them strange at all – instead, he’s charmed by your quirks and knows you wouldn’t be the same person without them.

5. THERE’S NOT A DAY THAT GOES BY THAT YOU DON’T SHARE A LAUGH.No one else knows what the heck you’re talking about, but you two are cracking up, and that’s all that matters. You know that laughter is the best medicine, even when things are tough, so you make it a point to see the bright side together as much as possible.

6. YOU DON’T HAVE ANY SECRETS FROM EACH OTHER.You have complete trust in one another and know that no matter how sordid your past, you’ll never judge or think less of one another because of it.

7. YOU CAN FIGHT WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT BREAKING UP.When you were with people you weren’t quite sure about, disagreements really could make or break your relationship. But that’s not the case with this one! Yeah, sometimes your soulmate can be an idiot, but that’s your idiot.

8. YOUR SILENCES ARE COMFORTING, NOT UNCOMFORTABLE.There’s no pressure to fill the silence when you’re together. You feel comfortable just being in each other’s presence doing your own thing, and it’s never awkward. Instead, it just feels right.

9. YOU’RE HIS BIGGEST FAN, AND HE’S YOURS.The last thing your relationship is doing is holding you back. You both know where you want to end up and life and you’re happy and willing to do whatever it takes to get each other get there.

10. YOUR SEXUAL CHEMISTRY IS THROUGH THE ROOF.This doesn’t mean you’re always in the bedroom, but when you are, things are hot! You can’t ever imagine straying because you know no one else will be able to satisfy you like your soulmate.

11. FOREVER DOESN’T SEEM LONG ENOUGH.You have no fear of commitment and you want to spend forever with each other, and even that seems like too short a time to love him.

By Nicole Weaver for Bolde

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