50 Things Men Want Women To Know

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I asked all my guy friends to tell me something they want women to know about them. I told them to give me the cold hard truth. These are the top 50 things. They actually argued over some of these. One would say that one isn’t that big of a deal and the other would say it was the most irritating thing in the world. Either way, this is what thirteen guys think women should know about them.

1. Stop dropping hints

“I have always found it stupid that someone can’t just come out and say what they’re wanting.” You have an important event planned for the 18th? Don’t circle a calendar date on the wall and say you’re going out to buy a dress, then expect him to know. I don’t know many people who actually look at a calendar. He could think you’re just buying a dress because you want a dress. He doesn’t know a dress is for a special occasion. If you want something or you want him to know something, just say “Hey, the event is on the 18th.” Being straightforward is nothing to be afraid of. As a side note, don’t assume he’s going with you and don’t tell him he’s going with you. He’s his own man, he can decide if he wants to go or not.

2. Don’t ask him questions if you don’t want the truth

“You can’t win with these things!” I don’t know how often this happens but I hear women on my campus crying that her boyfriend told her she looked a little chubby in that outfit when SHE ASKED HIM. Don’t ask a question you do not want the answer to. You’ll leave him if he lies about it and you go out looking horrible, but you’ll go insane about the truthful answer, cry, and then leave him, telling him he’s a jerk. Basic rule: Don’t ask the question, if you would not be able to handle the possible negative response.

3. Stop expecting him to know you

I see this issue a lot. “I’m not a ******* mind reader!” You can be with someone for years and not truly know them. Do you really want to be with someone, if you know every move they will make, every thought they will ever think, or every word they will say? That is what they mean by don’t expect them to know you. So when it comes time for an argument and he doesn’t know what he did wrong, don’t expect him to know just because he knows you. Nine times out of ten, once you explain what’s wrong, he’ll realize it and say he’s sorry. Don’t expect him to know that you’re tired and you want him to rub your feet. Don’t expect him to know that you need something in particular. If you need it then say it.

4. Stop feeling like you don’t have to look decent

“I’m not saying sleep in lingerie, wear makeup, dress sexy, and put on a show for me every day.” Here is what I think he was trying to say. Take the hair rollers out when you get up. Let your hair down. Brush it for a grand total of five seconds and wash your face. Put on clothes that you would wear in public once you’re out of bed. Simple. It’s nothing fancy but at least he gets to see you underneath all the hair accessories and large clothing. It is perfectly fine to get comfortable around him because he got comfortable around you, but don’t expect someone not to feel betrayed when you dress up to go out but at home you look like a homeless person.

5. Don’t tell him what he can or cannot do

“As soon as she says ‘vegetarian’ I walk away!” Many, many, many men love meat but say this man gets this girlfriend that he really likes and she is a vegetarian. Suddenly, what he likes doesn’t matter. She forces him to change his whole life to fit hers. He has to start running with her every morning, eating food he doesn’t like, go to the gym with her, and hear lectures about what the food he loves does to his body. It is great if you want your boyfriend to be healthy but don’t force it on him! He’s a grown man, he knows whether he’s unhealthy or not. Do any women like the idea of their boyfriend forcing them to stop running in the morning, stop going to the gym, stop eating their healthy food, and sit with him on the couch, eating meat? So if he can’t force you to change, don’t force him to change.

6. Waiting on them to break up with you

“I’m not in high school anymore.” I can’t begin to tell you how immature it is to wait for someone to break up with you. If you want the relationship to end then just end it. He may not know that anything is wrong. Don’t make someone think something is still going on when it’s really over.

7. Waiting to be asked out

“I didn’t know you was interested. Don’t get mad at me because you were sitting there twiddling your thumbs!” We’re not living in the old times and you can’t sit around because you’re waiting to be asked out anymore. If you really like that guy and he hasn’t asked you out yet, then ask him out. He might have thought he was in the friend zone so he didn’t bother asking. There could be many reasons why he didn’t ask you out. Get out of the 40s and step into the present.

8. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship”

“Bull ******* ****!” The second you say that, the friendship is ruined. You may think that’s a nice way to let him down gently but it isn’t. The friend zone is considered cruel and unusual punishment. If he asks you out, just say no. It’ll crush him a little bit, but he’ll get over it. He’ll have a harder time getting over being told that being friends with you for so long is the only reason he can’t be with you. When you say no, don’t say, “I see you as a brother,” don’t say ‘I only see you as a friend,” and don’t say “I don’t want everything to change.” Just say no and that you don’t feel that way towards him.

9. Don’t claim to be something you’re not

“It’s like getting a grapefruit when I wanted an orange.” A guy doesn’t like a girl who claims she likes sports and then while he’s watching the game, she’s waiting for it to be over. A guy doesn’t like a girl who claims she can game but as soon as he gives her a controller, she acts like it’s a foreign sex machine and is waiting for him to be done playing. Guys understand that girls don’t always like those kind of things and they tend to be fine with it. While he’s playing his game, you can do whatever you want. While he’s watching the game, you can do something you like. You can’t be perfect for him. You can’t share in absolutely every aspect of his life. Accept that, and move forward.

10. Don’t try to too hard to take an interest in his hobbies

“I hate to say it but, back off my stuff. This is guy time.” He may like things and you’ll try to like it too. The problem is you’re bored out of your mind with it. Still you try to stick through it to make him happy. That’s nice of you but just drop the act. Most men will just appreciate that you tried to do something he liked. Sometimes, they want their hobbies to just be their hobbies. You say you want to try to do that with him and he might dread what’s to come. Sometimes that hobby is a way for them to some form of space. Let him have it. If he wants you involved, he’ll most likely ask you. Don’t take it personally. It’s just nice to have something that’s just your own.

11. For the love of God, stop texting and calling him all the time!

“Obsessive much?” When you send a text message and he doesn’t respond, he might be busy. Sixteen more messages does not change that he’s busy. If he’s texting you back and you’re having a conversation, don’t send him four more texts before he can reply to your first one. It comes off as beyond needy and desperate. You text him fifteen times before he replies, call him fifty times a day, and say he’s ignoring you constantly, then you’re just asking to get dumped. You just became the psycho girlfriend that hides in the tree next to his house to see what he’s doing.

12. Stop saying “But I love him!” to justify your relationship

“They always go for jerks then cry on my damn shoulder!” Sometimes the guy is just a jerk. When you send him a message and he takes a few days to respond with only a few words and doesn’t even apologize for it, then he’s a jerk. If you have to ask if he’s using you for sex, then he’s probably using you for sex. If you cry because he’s constantly insulting you then he’s no good. If he cheats on you and crushes the very essence of your soul, he’s no good. Even if you love this man, it doesn’t mean you need him. Loving someone doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Loving someone doesn’t obligate you to stay with him.

13. Stop spreading your legs and then expect people to not say you’re easy

“If you’re gonna give it up easy then I’m gonna expect it easy.” If you’re the type of person to sleep with someone on the first date, have a one night stand on the regular basis, or just have sex with some guy you hardly know, don’t expect him to see you as a classy lady. He sees you as free and easy sex. You don’t start with sex and expect the serious and loving relationship to come up after it. You start with sex, you end with sex. That is all you will be them. If you’re extremely lucky, you’ll meet the guy who actually does want something more. Good luck with that. When this man comes up to you again, don’t get upset that he’s only there for more sex because a woman who wants a meaningful relationship actually strays from sex in the beginning.

14. Slapping

“If that bitch puts her hands on me one more time!” You’re out meeting his friends and you’re all having a good time. Your boyfriend says something that is absolutely hilarious, so you laugh then you turn around and slap him. He says something a little naughty so you slap him for being a bad boy. Maybe he flirts with you and you slap him to be playful. This is unacceptable. Unless the guy likes the whole S&M/dominatrix thing, he doesn’t like being slapped in the face all the time. He’s a grown man in an abusive relationship and like it or not, it’s abuse. If a man did the same thing, he’d be in jail. People tend to hate being slapped around so keep your hands off him.

15. Don’t hold something against him that you already talked to him about

“What is this? The Grudge?” Let’s say he’s doing something that really upsets you. You talk it out with him and work it all out, but you’re still upset about something. You still have some issues. If you have issues, you talk to him about it when you’re talking it out with him. The point of talking it out is to get it all out in the open. So when you hold back something and you’re upset that he’s doing something, he doesn’t understand what’s wrong! He thought you worked it out and everything was fine! A year later you bring it up in an argument that has nothing to do with it and he’s just baffled! If you have a problem, get it out in the open. Don’t sit on it and let it brew.

16. Stop being so insecure

“I’m here aren’t I?” If you don’t like yourself, take comfort in the fact that he likes you. If you have a great guy, don’t bring him down by constantly questioning every aspect of your body and personality. If he tells you that you’re beautiful then accept it. He tells you that you’re a great person then accept it. He obviously likes something about you for him to stay around. Knowing this, don’t sit there and cry that he’s going to leave you for someone better all the time because if you keep it up, he just might. At that point, he may care for you dearly but good lord you’re depressing.

17. Stop being suspicious of him

“I thought about changing my mom’s name to Roxanne in my phone.” Stop constantly telling him that you know he’s cheating on you. Stop going through his phone, smelling his clothes, hiding in his trunk, following him, and sending people to spy on him for you. Don’t demand the password for all of his accounts or check his email when he’s gone. If your relationship has gotten to that stage then go ahead and leave. If you are really that positive that he is cheating on you then why the hell are you still with him? What I’d like to know is, what do you do if you catch him? Do you leave? The worst part about all that suspicion that the guy may be innocent and you ruined your relationship for your insecure reasons. Some very stupid guys will cheat just because you give them a reason to.

18. Stop finding every excuse to avoid sex

“You’re obviously not interested in me anymore.” A guy may understand that you don’t always want to have sex but is it really so bad for you to at least try to do it for them once a week? Don’t watch a show with him and as soon as a sex scene comes up, try to imply that you’re not in the mood. Don’t complain about a horrible headache ten minutes before you normally go to bed to avoid it. Don’t reject every advance he makes then get mad when he gets frustrated. Yes, it is true that men do not need sex, but don’t expect him not to wonder what he could have if he strayed away. No, I am not justifying cheating, I am justifying him feeling that he may need to find another woman. You cut him off of sex and expect him to be perfectly fine? No, that will not happen. They are going to want it and they are going to try to get it. You keep rejecting them, they’ll wonder why they should even stay. It is true that a relationship should not revolve around sex but sex should be at least a part of it.

19. Stop thinking that sex is the answer to everything

“I have a ******* brain! You think I’m gonna forget because you’re sexy?” Despite popular belief, a man is not a mountain of sexual energy. He is not a meat head that will forget everything that is wrong in the world when a pair of boobs is flashed in front of him. When you do something wrong, don’t just think that you can spread your legs and he’ll forget all about it. Don’t think that he’s always going to be in the mood when you are. Don’t treat him like a mindless sex crazed puppet. They’re not stupid.

20. Don’t tell him not to do something then do it yourself

“How come you can do it?” This can be something simple or something big. If you tell a guy that he can’t tickle you but then you turn around a tickle him, you come off as a hypocrite. If you tell him not to do something and then you do it, it’s almost like a slap to the face. It’s one of those, “I can do it but you can’t,” things. Just have the courtesy not to do something if you don’t want him to do it either. It’s the classic “Threat others how you want to be treated” rule.


“Get a job if you wanna fix something!” You don’t jump into a relationship and expect to be able to fix the man. Oh does he have no job, no high school diploma, no GED, no work experience, no license, no place to live, no money, and to top it off he doesn’t care that he has none of those things? Ok don’t get into the relationship just so you can change all of that about him. A man is not a project to be worked on. He can work on fixing those things himself. If he doesn’t want to fix those things about himself then ditch him. If you have this absolute jerk that is abusive, trifling, and all around one of the worst men in the world, don’t stay with him because you want to change him into a better person. If you think you can save the relationship because you have hopes that you can change him then why be with him? What’s the point of being with someone you have to change when you can be with someone you don’t need to change at all? Men are not moldable pieces of clay so don’t feel like you have the right to force them to change. Would you stay if they were trying to change you? Would you want them to try to change you? No. You get sassy and say “I’m never going to let a man change who I am!” So why are you trying to do it to him?

22. Get off his Facebook

“What are the repercussions for blocking my girlfriend?” A guy doesn’t mind if you comment on a post of his or two. You can even comment on a picture of him but don’t post “I love you” and mushy love crap on his wall all the time. Don’t comment on every thread that has anything to do with him with how much you love him. Don’t mention him in every post you make so it tags him. Once again, this makes you out to be the stalker that’s hiding underneath his car to get a look at him. Great, you love him but seriously do you have to make yourself out to be overly obsessive? Do you do it just so other people will know that you love him? There’s no point in that. You have nothing to prove to anyone else.

23. Don’t give the silent treatment

“I’m not going to talk about it later if you give me the cold shoulder now.” First of all, ANYONE who gives the silent treatment is extremely immature. If you’re mad at him about something, fine, but don’t sit there and ignore him because of some disagreement. You don’t care to talk to him then maybe he doesn’t care to stay with you. Ignoring someone is the most childish way to handle a situation. Talk to him about it, don’t yell at him about it, and don’t just ignore him until he leaves you alone.

24. Don’t continue with an argument when he doesn’t want to talk about it

“Just let it go!” If you’re having a disagreement and he just says, “Let’s not talk about this, it’s getting out of hand,” don’t keep bring it up. Unless this argument is something that will make or break the relationship, don’t keep throwing it in his face. This makes you look like you enjoy the drama. It makes you look like you can’t handle him having the last word. Some arguments are just not worth it and can easily be resolved if you just drop it. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with just dropping something.

25. Don’t hold his past wrong doings over his head

“Do you understand what the word ‘forgive’ means or did you just say it and thought it would work later?” Did he do something in the past and you can’t let it go? If you can’t let it go then let go of the relationship. Personally, I don’t understand women who forgive men who cheat, but if you do forgive him, don’t hold it over his head. Holding it over his head is not forgiving him. So when you’re having a fight and you yell that he cheated on you so you can win, who’s the real loser there? Is it the man who thought the situation had been worked through or the woman who won’t let it go because now she has leverage? When you yell out of nowhere that he cheated on you, doesn’t that mean you can’t accept anything he does because at one point in time, he cheated on you? If it still bothers you, you’re not over it so don’t tell him you forgive him and then later on you’re crying on the ground because of something he did in the past.

26. Don’t ask him to do things that you wouldn’t do for him

“Screw you bitch!” This can have to do with sex or just favors in general. If you ask him to get you some water while he’s up but when he asks the same you tell him to get it himself, you’re being irrational. If you want oral sex performed on you but you won’t do it for him, you’re being a hypocrite. When you want him to make you something to eat but if he asks you to heat something up for him and you won’t do it, you’re being a hypocrite. If you won’t do it for him, don’t expect him to do it for you.

27. Don’t complain about him to your friends/family

“Now I look like the guy who throws kittens in the lake!” If you have a problem with him, the last thing you need to do is cry to your friends and family about it. Yes, it’s good to talk to someone on the outside to get feedback but you have to realize that they’re YOUR friends and family. They’re going to be biased and so are you. You’re going to make him out to be a bad guy when he isn’t. You want to talk to someone on the outside about it? Ok, bring him with you so he can give his side. Don’t run hysterically to a friend and make him out to be this bastard when you could very well be the one wrong here. It causes more drama than it needs to. Yes, I get it, they’re close to you but they don’t have to know everything about your relationship. Some things you can just work out on your own without having other people involved.

28. Don’t expect him to lose his friends

“I don’t deal with no controlling bitch.” If he had friends before he even met you, you have no business telling him he can’t have those friends anymore. Even if he gets new friends that you don’t like, don’t try to force him to get rid of them. You don’t have to like his friends and he doesn’t have to like your friends. He also doesn’t have to be approved by your “bestie.” If you don’t like his friends, the situation is as simple as don’t bother with them. If he has women that are friends, don’t constantly try to pry your way into his conversations with her because that’s you being insecure. If you don’t like a man having women as friends then don’t be with the man who has women as friends. If you have a real man, it will be nothing to worry about.

29. There isn’t always a hidden message

I mean what I ******* said. How the hell did you twist it into that?” Let’s say you do your hair and he comes in and says, “Your hair looks pretty today.” That doesn’t mean your hair isn’t pretty every other day. It just means that he noticed you changed your hair today and it looks pretty. Don’t pull messages out of what he says and say that’s what he meant. Men tend to be very straight forward and don’t hide behind certain phrases. When he asks if you need a new pair of shoes, he’s not saying your shoes are ugly and you need new ones. When he says that something you wear looks strange, it doesn’t mean that you yourself look strange. Here’s a general rule. If you have to ask,” Are you saying that I’m ____?” or “You meant to say that I’m ____ didn’t you?” then you are pulling hidden messages out of what he said. When he says you’re cute, adorable, sensitive, or kind, you don’t have to go ask people what it means. It doesn’t have a hidden meaning. It means what the words mean.

30. Stop wanting him to beg for you back

“Bitch, you aren’t that great.” Many women seem to love it when a guy wants them back. It makes them feel so special and important. If you are using another man to make him jealous, you’re being a childish brat. If you’re flirting with him but reject him when he tries to ask you out, you’re being childish. When you are intentionally trying to make him want you just so you can feel good about yourself, you’re being a child. Get over yourself. You’re not such a prize and stop using men to make yourself feel like one!

31. Stop breaking up with him every time there’s an argument

“You get mad if we argue, you get mad if we just say you’re right so you’ll shut it. Make up your mind!” No relationship is perfect. You will have an argument no matter how happy you are. So if you break up every single time there’s an argument, maybe you aren’t old enough to be in a relationship. Your relationship is not going to be perfect like in the romance novels or romantic movies you watch. You aren’t going to have a picture perfect relationship where you never fight or have a disagreement. If you aren’t ready to have disagreements, then stay single.

32. Don’t play hard to get

“I don’t have time for games. I’m looking for something real.” I find it immature to play hard to get because you’re just playing around with his feelings. Don’t expect men to chase you all the time. You’re not that great of a catch. At some point, he’s going to give up the chase and find a woman who isn’t acting like a little girl. I’m not saying go out there and be easy. I’m saying don’t expect him to chase you because you’re the woman. Nowadays, there’s no guarantee that the chase will be worth it so guys tend to learn when they need to give up and move on.

33. Don’t leave him hanging

“I don’t know what those girls would have you doing.” If you’re going out with the girls and you say you’ll call him, actually do it. Don’t leave him sitting there wondering where you are and if you’re ok. If you say you’re going to be home at a certain time, actually make the effort to be home at that time. Anyone can understand forgetting but at a certain point, he’s going to try to contact you. If he does, answer him. Also, make the effort to just keep in contact with him. Don’t ignore his messages or his attempts to contact you. If you’re one of those girls who is attached to her phone, do you realize how insulted he will be when he texts you and you don’t text back. How about when he messages you on Facebook and it says you read it but you do not reply. If he’s your boyfriend, try to pay some attention to him.

34. Don’t expect him to like what you like

“You do realize I’m not a male version of you right?” He is his own person. He isn’t going to like everything that you like. Don’t expect him to want to be involved in every aspect of your life. Don’t expect him to know about everything you’re involved with. People forget and people can get things mixed up. Even if he does know what you do, that doesn’t mean he’s going to love it. Don’t expect him to have a desire to be involved in your book club or your debate. If you talked to a random person, they may not be interested in those things. Maybe he isn’t quite interested in them either. He has no obligation to be interested just because you’re in a relationship.

35. Defend him like you want him to defend you

“If I made your little friend cry you would bitch me out.” Have you ever been out and someone was being an ass to you? One of his friends offended you or said something slightly inappropriate about you? When he jumped in to defend your honor and made those guys leave you alone, didn’t you feel loved? Do the same for him. If your friends are bad mouthing him, defend him. Don’t let people insult him because if he says something back to your friends, he’s the asshole that’s mean to women. You shouldn’t want anyone being mean to your boyfriend. You love him so make sure he knows you don’t think the way they do of him.

36. Just accept that he won’t always put the seat down

“Just kick it.” I know it is an issue for us when we go into the bathroom and we fall into the toilet. He may not want to admit it, but when he goes in there to take a dump, he might fall in too. I know it’s simple for them to put it back down when they’re done but it’s also simple for us to look before we sit. I only put this on the list because I’ve dealt with this for years and it is much easier to just ask him to try to remember to put it down but if he forgets, I’ll put it down myself.

37. Don’t bring something up then say “nothing”

“I bet if I did it, she’d never get to sleep.” There aren’t many things that will drive him crazy as much as when you say something and if he didn’t hear you the first time, you say “nothing.” The only time they might not be annoyed by that is when you say it four or five times and they still don’t hear you. Just repeat it at least once or twice so they can hear it.

38. After a while the joke isn’t funny anymore

“She tried.” This applies to a few situations. If one of you tells a joke and it becomes an inside joke with you two, after a while, it isn’t as funny as it used to be. If he says something funny and you don’t hear it the first time, after he repeats it so many times, it isn’t funny anymore. Don’t become psychotic and try to make him tell you. If he has to explain the joke to you multiple times, it isn’t funny and he’s not going to want to say it anymore. When he’s irritated while he’s explaining it to you, you aren’t going to laugh when you understand it. You’re both pretty much going to sit there in silence.

39. Try to tone down being cute

“I feel like a child molester.” It’s one thing to be a cute girlfriend but it’s another thing when you’re trying to be cute all the time. It gets old really fast. If you want to do something cute, do it every once in a while. Don’t make him feel like he’s raising a child instead of having a lovely companion.

40. Explore new areas in sex, don’t get dull

“I know they say that good relationships don’t need spice but there’s nothing wrong with something new.” Sometimes a guy doesn’t want to have sex because it’s just going to be another night of missionary. Do something exciting every once in a while. Talk to him so he can do the same. Don’t completely rule out anything if you haven’t tried it. Haven’t tried a new position? Try it tonight. Haven’t tried foreplay? Try it tonight. Haven’t tried a little tease? Try it now. I’m not saying make yourself open for a threesome. Keep it reasonable.

41. Your ex is your ex, so don’t talk about him

“Thank you for letting me know where I stand.” No one wants to sit there and hear about the man that you used to wrap your legs around. Don’t talk about what he would do for you and don’t compare your current boyfriend to your ex. If you do that then you aren’t over your ex and you need to step out of any relationship until you can get over him. You’d feel inadequate if he was comparing you to his ex or talking about her all the time.

42. It’s his money, don’t expect him to spend it all on you

“I got stuff to buy too. It’s not all about you!” Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean he has to buy you things. Can you say gold digger? Women can work in this century so get a job and buy your own things. If he wants to get you something, let him get it. If not, don’t expect him to get you anything you want. If he already tells you that he doesn’t have much money, don’t expect him to spend what little he has on you. Don’t ask him if he’ll get you something once he gets the money. This will make you come off as materialistic and money grubbing.

43. Don’t stereotype him as the stupid man

“Guess that Dr. in front of my name means nothing to you.” Men are very often stereotyped as idiots that cannot work a stove without blowing up the house. We treat the men like we have things going on that their tiny minds cannot understand. We treat them like they’d live off frozen dinners if we weren’t around to cook for them. This isn’t true. I’m not saying there aren’t men like that but don’t you think it’s insulting to be thought of that way? You don’t want to be thought of as the weak and frail woman that can’t survive unless he’s there to protect you so don’t think of him as the dumb man that can’t cook without burning down the home.

44. It was just a dream, get over it!

“You mean to tell me I get **** because you went to sleep!” Whether the dream was about your wedding or him cheating, realize that it was just a dream. If you get mad at him because you had a dream that he was cheating on you then you are one of the stupidest women in this world. He can’t control what you have a dream about. I had a dream my boyfriend ate a doorknob but I don’t think he actually did it! Having a dream that you got married to him is nice but don’t think it means your relationship is ready for that step. Dreams are dreams. They can express a desire or just be extremely weird. Don’t think your dreams have this cosmic meaning that predict the future.

45. Don’t give ultimatums

“Or else? I’d like to see your face when I don’t give in.” If you give an ultimatum, you’re saying “If I don’t get what I want, I’m leaving. What I want is the only thing that matters. This relationship is only about what I want.” If you would dangle your relationship over his head then how seriously do you take it? Most of the time, ultimatums are about marriage. Marriage is a big step so if you’re ready then great but that doesn’t mean you have to force him to be ready as well. Do you want to marry someone who was forced into it? Do you want to marry someone who isn’t ready to be married but he’s only doing it because his controlling girlfriend threatened to leave if she didn’t get what she wanted? Instead of giving ultimatums, talk it out. If a compromise can’t be reached, maybe it’s time to leave.

46. If he has something planned, don’t interrupt it

“You knew about this for a week and suddenly you’re needy?” If your boyfriend has this big game night planned with his friends, don’t try to push your way into it. You don’t always have to be included. Unless you’re invited to it, don’t get involved and don’t get mad that you’re not invited. Not everything is about you and he doesn’t have to make everything about you. Don’t call in the middle of it just because you want to chat or see what he’s doing. If he plans something then you go plan something.

47. Try not to demand too much attention

“It feels like there’s a leech on me 24/7.” I understand he may be busy sometimes and you want to see him but when you’re constantly whining that he isn’t spending enough time with you, you’re just making him not want to spend any time with you. Some people have lifestyles that are busier than others. Unless he’s going out with his friends every night and ignoring you, you really don’t need to cry that you don’t get enough attention. Take what you can get, talk to him about it, or move on. Don’t have this false sense of deserving attention. Yes, you’re his girlfriend and if the time he has isn’t enough for you then move on. You see this a lot when people have jobs as surgeons or cops. They have busy jobs that cannot be put on hold because their significant other is whining.

48. There’s no such thing as a two week anniversary

“Wow a whole week! Wait. Is it a business week or a regular week?” The word anniversary means once a year. It is from the word annual which literally means once every year! So when you’re crying that he forgot your two week anniversary or two month anniversary, he’s probably going to be sitting there thinking you’re an idiot. The worst part is, if you’re upset about that then you are an idiot. Celebrating being together for two weeks makes it seem like your relationships don’t last long so every week is a milestone. When he doesn’t remember the two week, the one month, or the eight month anniversary, don’t get upset as it was a stupid thing to celebrate anyway.

49. Get over your ex

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’ll just pick up my soul on the way out.” This is a constant issue now. People will claim their over their ex and they don’t care what they do but as soon as their ex moves on, they flip out. You’re over your ex as long as he’s single and still wants you. Grow up. You’re over your ex as long as he doesn’t find someone before you find someone. Grow up. You’re over your ex as long as he’s not as happy as you are. Grow up. Don’t yell you’re over him when he’s the first thing you think about in the morning or if you’re constantly checking in on him. You can’t move on if you’re checking his Facebook or asking his friends questions.

50. When a breakup happens, be mature about it

“I have to change my number after every breakup. No joke. This is my sixth phone number.” It happens. Relationships don’t work sometimes and it ends in a breakup. When that happens, don’t be childish and go for low blows. Don’t ask why, don’t ask his friends why, don’t ask your friends why. Just accept it. Don’t have your friends call him and don’t call him from restricted numbers. Don’t throw how your ex was better in his face or how he could never satisfy you. No matter how immature he’s being to you, you don’t need to do the same because when you’re going back and forth with him, you’re just creating a bad break up when it could have just been a breakup.

By Yanha Nole for ThoughtCatalog

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