What It Means To Date A Girl Without A Father

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At the beginning of the relationship, dating a woman without a father will probably seem pretty much normal. The relationship will seem to involve all of the usual activities: telling each other jokes, laughing at jokes no matter what, and feeling energized or even electrified just spending time with your new partner. However, as more times passes, it’s inevitable that the relationship will become extremely unique in unexpected ways.

Women without fathers have to be more “careful” than average women: they often can’t say parents (plural), they experience awkwardness and other mixed emotions when anyone brings up “fathers” in conversation, and sometimes they experience emotions which aren’t capable of being articulated for no apparent reason at all. This will likely cause their partners to feel awkward or ill-at-ease as well, which will probably cause these women to become even more distressed. As can be seen, the whole endeavour can quickly snowball and end up becoming intolerable for either person.

But even if these experiences don’t end the relationship, sometimes the situation doesn’t become any easier. In fact, once another human being is aware that a particular woman does not have a father, that person (and anyone who they tell) can begin to experience the same anxious feelings whenever the word father is mentioned around the woman—and even at other times, whenever the word father (or the concept of a father) comes to mind. Sadly, these people may even start to prepare lines or phrases to use for when the topic comes up in the future in the company of a woman without a father. Part of the reason this is sad is because it prevents any relationship from being genuine, and also because this is the same thing many of these women do themselves (which also prevents relationships from being genuinely happy ones).

However, just as time heals some wounds that human beings never thought could be healed, this type of awkwardness that often exists in these relationships can eventually be cured. But instead of avoiding the subject which is causing the trouble, partners need to focus on the subject even more. Not in a pushy or intruding way, but in an empathetic and comforting way. The situation and problems must be faced and accepted before they can be truly overcome and released. When someone dates a woman without a father, the person shouldn’t shy away from discussing their own father at all—or from discussing the father which the woman used to have.

It’s true that many of the experiences will be completely different, but the same thing can be said for discussions between people who still have active fathers in their lives. One of the best things about diversity is that it enables individuals of different backgrounds, educations, and skills to learn from each other, to understand each other better, and to make the world as a whole better with the knowledge that has been gained and shared—at least in some small way. When it comes to relationships with women without fathers, this can equate to learning the ways which not having a father has made someone stronger (and weaker); once you have the knowledge, use it to offer support in the aspects which it is needed most. Additionally, just being able to get everything into the open and to be able to talk about it (and think about it) will likely be extremely cathartic.

You’ll probably never learn everything you need to know about dating a woman without a father, but, then again, you’ll never learn everything you need to know about dating another human being anyway—so don’t shy away from it!

By iRelease

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