11 Ways Narcissists Will Try to Manipulate You

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It’s vital to be able to recognize when you’re being manipulated because some narcissists know no limits when it comes to harming or destroying other people’s lives. Narcissists are selfish, relentless, and troubled; please read the info below so you can eliminate any narcissists from your life or prevent any from ever entering into it.

#1: Third-party “proof.”

Narcissists need to feel as though they are always right—or that everyone else believes that they are always right—so they will often present a person or another source that verifies exactly what they want you to believe. However, always verify for yourself in these situations, since the “sources” are often incorrect or outright fake.

#2: Devaluation.

Narcissists need you to feel like you should be grateful to know them or have them in their life, so eventually, they will probably try to make you feel inferior or unworthy. Keep in mind that this person wouldn’t waste their time with you if they didn’t enjoy spending time with you (and then find someone more genuine to hang out with from then on).

#3: Over-aggression.

Research indicates that narcissists are uncommonly aggressive both verbally and physically. However, it’s important to recognize when you could be with someone who is a psychological abuser. As per the National Domestic Violence Hotline, these are telling signs:

1) Intimidation

2) Threats

3) Swearing

4) Unsupportive

5) Controlling

If you ever think you may be in danger, don’t hesitate to call 1-800-799-7233 or visit thehotline.org.

#4: Shame.

As mentioned, narcissists will attempt to make you feel less worthy in order to make themselves feel more worthy. If someone tries to make you ashamed of your appearance, education, social class, or anything else, then your narcissist detector should immediately go off.

#5: Victim reversals.

Even when a narcissist is victimizing someone else, they have a knack for being able to make that person feel as though they are the ones who are acting improperly or unjustly. When you know you’re saying or doing the right thing in your mind and in your heart, then don’t let a narcissist convince you otherwise.

#6: Inappropriateness.

Research reveals that “Narcissists do indeed behave in more extroverted and less agreeable ways than non-narcissists, skip class more (among narcissists high in exploitativeness/entitlement only) and use more sexual language.” If you notice someone being inappropriate toward you or inappropriate in general, it’s usually best to keep your distance (or put some distance between you and them).

#7: Selfishness.

Narcissists mainly need other people to make them feel superior and good about themselves, so they often won’t even listen when another person is talking or won’t respond to topics that don’t involve them directly. It isn’t difficult to tell when someone is only pretending to interact with you, so it’s in your best interest to move on to someone else (or somewhere else) when you notice this occurring.

#8: Projection.

If you haven’t said or done anything wrong but someone insists that you are responsible for much of their unhappiness and many of their problems, then you’re probably interacting with a narcissist. In most cases, they’re just projecting their own inadequacies and self-doubt on to you—so get the heck out of there, because no one deserves that.

#9: Attempts to brainwash.

If someone keeps telling you what to do or trying to convince you to do something specific, then they could be a narcissist who is trying to experience joy by way of controlling you (and your mind). Again, if you know that you’re saying or doing the right things, then stick to your guns and step away from the person and the situation.

#10: Gaslighting.

Psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists utilize gaslighting to make you think you’re insane. For instance, they will tell you that you didn’t say what you know you did or didn’t do what you know you did—and they will keep trying different ways to make you believe that you’ve lost your grip on reality until you actually think you have.

#11: Bullying.

Yelling, insulting, and bullying, in general, are common behaviors of most narcissists. These are more signs that are easy to spot—but not so easy to escape. Quite simply, you shouldn’t tolerate this behavior regardless of how good the narcissist is at convincing you that you’re to blame or that you should put up with it because you deserve it. No good human being deserves this type of treatment—so never put up with it!


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