10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Mess with an Empath, EVER

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Empaths often double as professional body language readers, and they’ve even been known to virtually read other people’s minds from time to time. More specifically, it’s been said that some empaths can merely look a person in the face and be able to tell correctly if they are lying. However, there are many other reasons that particular human beings should not closely interact with empaths—for the good of all parties involved. Please continue reading so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into if you choose to become close to an empath.

#1: They are human lie detectors.

As mentioned, empaths have the innate ability to spot a lie the second it is uttered. So, if you tend to be dishonest frequently—even it’s only the “white lies” kind of dishonesty—you’re likely better off steering clear of empaths entirely.

#2: They’re also jealousy detectors.

This means that the more you try to hide your envy, the more an empath will know that it exists. What’s more, they’ll probably be too kind to let you know that they know—so your conversation or friendship could rapidly turn into something meaningless and hollow.

#3: They rarely play the fool.

Since empaths can experience your feelings, emotions, and sometimes even the essence of your thoughts, it’s virtually impossible to deceive them. Again, even if the deception is not a straight-up lie, they will likely be able to tell that something is amiss—and then they’ll hone-in to confirm the precise dishonesty.

#4: They are hate detectors.

Hatred is an extremely strong and negative emotion, so empaths have to be able to sense it so they can attempt to avoid it; experiencing hatred is something that no empath desires in the least. Of course, this means there’s pretty much no way to hide your hatred in an empath’s presence.

#5: They’re also prejudice detectors.

Prejudice is a form of hatred, so empaths can detect these feelings and emotions from miles away as well. However, sometimes the offending individuals don’t realize they’re prejudice—so if you notice that all empaths flee from you, you might want to take stock of your morals and beliefs.

#6: They never fail to notice human beings who are sad.

Even when people don’t show it, empaths can always sense their feelings, emotions, and sadness. However, this also means that empaths will support you even when you won’t admit you’re sad (which is a good thing).

#7: They are flattery detectors.

There’s no need to flatter an empath in order to gain their help or approval—if you are a genuine person. But by the same token, if you do attempt to flatter them disingenuously then you’ll probably lose their respect forever.

#8: They sense when other human beings are misguided in life.

What’s more, they can help guide other people back toward their proper journey in life—which should result in much enhanced happiness and success.

#9: They sense when other human beings are misguided in character.

If you’re aware that you’re being someone you’re really not, then an empath will likely walk away; however, if you are unaware of your true character, then an empath will probably help enlighten you.

#10: They despise exploitation.

If you exploit an empath—or if an empath learns that you’ve exploited another living being—if they don’t run the other way, then you should.

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