To A Previous Relationship, As I Finally Move On

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Dear Previous Relationship,

Today marks another stepping stone towards moving on from the past. It’s a chance to finally take a deep breath and learn about myself again. Even though we might have ended on bad terms, I’ve definitely grown from the moments we spent together. Regardless of good or bad, it’s made me a stronger individual. I’m proud of the person I’ve become from knowing you. So, here is a little something for the closure we all need after a breakup.

For months I thought about you and whether we would ever reconnect after the final days of speaking. I longed for the chance to fit the puzzle back together and work on fixing the problems we continuously couldn’t get past. I felt defeated, alone, unsure of where to go next. I realized I would only have memories of the person you had become before breaking up. It didn’t feel alright to move on until I accepted the fact of my independence. I had grown weary of trying to find worth in you, so I took the chance to renew myself and get back to respecting myself.

Being able to think and feel for yourself can be difficult when a relationship becomes uneasy. It takes time to rebuild from the emptiness, yet it proves to strengthen your inner self. It’s been a few months, but I can finally stand on my own feet again. The constant thoughts of you have dissipated, and I can focus on the important tasks in my future. Smiling, laughter and enjoying spending times with loved ones have returned. Feeling happiness took forever after the heartache of losing you, but I learned that true love didn’t need to be one-sided. There would be someone in my future able to give equal time and effort.

I also wanted to say thank you. Our relationship was not all bad; there were some amazing moments. You became my first for many things. You treated me with so much respect and took things slow for a long time. Trust became the root of our conversations. Even though these things are no longer, I cherished the moments of having that in a boyfriend.

We will cross paths again, someday. Hopefully on better grounds and with the ability to make conversation. But, for now, I hope you are doing well and life is taking you in a better direction. You were someone I needed a year ago, but now I’m stronger without you. As always, people come and go. The memories will continue to live on.


Your Ex-Girlfriend

By welshen for Odyssey

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