Loners Are the Most Loyal and Intellectual People You Will Ever Meet. Here’s Why

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Some people have difficulty understanding why loners don’t have many social interests, attitudes, or styles, but anyone who has ever done something and then said (or thought), “What a waste of time” should be able to understand if they give it some close, meaningful thought. Many times, loners choose to spend time doing something they enjoy on their own because they know that they will end up enjoying how they spend their time; they are more confident in relying on themselves for happiness rather than depending on other people.

However, human beings who are friends with at least one loner are actually very fortunate people; despite what you might initially think, loners are excellent and beneficial friends to have. Although loners are more selective than most individuals when it comes to choosing friends, they also tend to be more down to earth which benefits not only themselves but the people that they interact with as well. What’s more, since loners don’t enjoy spending time or energy discussing or doing insignificant things, the time that they do spend with their friends tends to be highly positive and productive for everyone involved.

Most people would also be surprised to learn that there are extroverted loners in addition to introverted loners; extroverted loners tend to communicate extremely well and are comfortable in large crowds, whereas introverted loners usually communicate best in small groups and aren’t comfortable at all in large groups. However, all loners desire to experience true intellect and genuine emotion, so if you are a good person who believes in “just being yourself,” then a loner friend could be vital to maximizing your happiness and success in life.

More specifically, loner friends are extremely trustworthy and dependable, and they tend to trust and respect relationships—such as friendships—just as much as they do worthy, individual people. As mentioned, it will likely take a while for a loner to decide that you are worthy and to accept your friendship, but it probably won’t take long at all for them to reject you and the friendship if you prove to be untrustworthy or otherwise dishonourable. Yet, if you can live up to your end of the friendship, then your loner friend could definitely end up becoming your best friend—period.

By iRelease

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