10 Things To Know About The Girl Who Says Yes To Everyone

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“She’s Tired Too”

I try to please everyone I can because I hate the look of disappoint on someone’s face. It sends chills to my core, and with everything in me, I can’t shake the feeling of knowing I let another person down. But just like the people I say yes to, we all have a story.

10 Things You Need To Know About The Girl Who Always Says Yes

1.) Sometimes she just wants someone to say yes to her.

I don’t normally expect things in return. Every one in awhile though, I can’t tell you I don’t hope to hear a yes. Yes, I can help you…or Yes, I’ll take care of it. It surely would be quite the thing to hear after always hearing requests.

2.) The people always saying yes, normally have the highest amount of anxiety.

I think this is a big one because personally, it couldn’t be more accurate to my story. I fear saying no will make other people think less of me. Meanwhile I can’t count how many favors I have done for those I worry about thinking negatively of me. That’s the thing about people who always do for others, that’s ultimately all they truly care about.

3.) Sometimes she wants to say no

Read her. Read me. Read them. Whoever you are constantly asking the favors to, just look at their face. See if they’re okay too. Maybe right now isn’t the best time to be asking for another favor. Maybe she wants you to say no for her.

4.) We’re tired.

Tired of saying yes. Tired of feeling like the end result of our helping is just to be asked another favor the very next day. We’re just tired of feeling used.

5.) We want to know you’re there for us too

I do a lot of favors for a lot of people. Not because I expect something in return, but I want to know that I have someone in my life who would do for me all I do for them. It’s nice to know you can rely on someone, and another soul has your best interest in mind. So when I do these favors, I’m not expecting some done in return, I’m more just hoping the person I’m doing the favors for, would bend over backwards for me, like I would them.

6.) The girl who is always saying yes, is often insecure

I have struggled with my own insecurities since I was very young. Sometimes it helps me to help others because I know that at least there is one thing I’m doing right in this world. If other people can see that too, maybe I’ll get somewhere.

7.) It’s not easy for us to say no

Sometimes I get asked- “Why don’t you just say no? You’re allowed to! It’s your own fault you have so many obligations.” Saying no to people is the same way someone with test anxiety feels about taking a test or how the anorexic girl feels about eating. I’m afraid to say no, and I’m not good at. It takes a lot more for me to say no, than it does for me to say yes. So maybe I do result to the easier solution, but don’t we all sometimes?

8.) She cries too

We have real life problems. Some that seem so big we couldn’t possibly handle it on our own. Notice we didn’t come to you expecting you’d say yes, but instead we handled it ourselves knowing no one would care if we didn’t. We cry, just like you. Life gets to be more than we can handle, but where is our person who always says yes? Oh right, we are that person.

9.) You’re not the only person she is saying yes to.

Understand this because not many do. If you’re constantly asking the same person for favors (who you know will never refuse) she probably also is saying yes to others. Making her plate all the more full. Sometimes, it’s all about perspective.

10.) One day we won’t say yes.

One day I will be more secure and comfortable with myself to allow the words “no” to exit my mouth. And she will too. You’ll have to find someone else to ask then because we’ll be too content to always say yes. 

By Kylee Marie Wilson for Odyssey

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