If Your Best Friend Does These 11 Things, You Best Hold Onto Her Tight

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An article that best friends can relate to

A true best friend can be hard to find, but so precious to your life when you do find her.

They make the happy times happier, and the sad times more bearable. They are there for you no matter what, and make you a better person overall.

Friends can come and go, but if your best friend does these 11 things then hold onto her tight, and don’t let go:

1. Listens to your endless rants.

Whether it is about the latest gossip, or relationship problems, she’s always there to listen. She’s even there when you’re blowing up her phone with screenshots and hundreds of text messages in all caps.

2. Lets you borrow her clothes.

What’s better than having two closets to choose from? During meltdowns where you think you have nothing to wear, she’s always there to offer you hers. Less clothes you’ll have to buy too!

3. Shows up with your favorite food just because.

Random visits with your bestie plus your favorite meal… what could be better?

4. Thinks of your family as her own.

If you’re having a family dinner, or movie night, the fam will wonder where she is.

5. If she’s going out, you are automatically going, too.

You can’t go out without her… Who else would hold your hair back, take care of you, and run away creepy guys when you need it?

6. Takes you on vacations.

There’s nothing more satisfying than experiencing new, fun places with your bestie.

7. Snapchats you her ugly selfies.

She knows you’ll never judge her, so she’s able to show her true self… even if it isn’t the most beautiful thing to look at.

8. If you don’t like someone, neither does she.

If someone messes with you, they might as well have messed with the both of you.

9. Tells you the truth, ALWAYS.

Even when you don’t want to hear it, she knows it is what you need to hear. Whether it’s about her opinion of your latest guy, or which pair of shoes fits your outfit the best.

10. Is always down for adventures.

If it’s 1 AM, and you feel like doing something, she’s the first person you would call.

11. Can do absolutely nothing with you all day.

A day spent lying in bed together while watching movies, eating pizza, and doing absolutely NOTHING, while enjoying every second of it.

By Alison Miller for TheOdyssey

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